The Sting of Rejection

No thanks. I’m recovering from a serious illness.

No, I’m in another big program right now.

No, I’m finishing remodeling my house and it’s taking all my time.

No, I’m getting a divorce and moving to Italy.

Part of growing your business is to have enrollment conversations with potential clients.

The more conversations you have…

…the more rejections you’ll get.

And, that is hard on sensitive souls like you and me.

I often work with clients who are so afraid of the rejection they’ll get when enrolling their clients, that they will do anything to avoid the conversation.

They’ll have a call with a potential client and then never follow through to get the answer.

Our Inner Protector is really sneaky, and well, super protective. It will shield you from the disappointment by keeping you from following through!

…but if you don’t follow through …you’ll never get the client.

Exactly what you were afraid of ends up happening!

Here’s how it might look…

You think to yourself…well, if they want to work with me, they’ll call me.

It rarely works like that.

You see, most people hate to make decisions. Especially big ones like investing with a coach. Even when they want to.

You need to help them ease into the decision and create a path to make it easy, safe and exciting for them to take a step forward.

Here’s a little secret.

The more you put your message out there, the more the conversations you have will be with the right people. They’ve seen your message and are already attracted to you and your work.

You aren’t cold calling. Noooo…we don’t have to do that.

You are talking to people who have some sort of relationship with you. They’ve seen you speak on a podcast, they’ve read your newsletter, they met you at an event. They are already interested.

Now it’s just finding the right timing.

People will use money and time as objections to working with you.

You want to know how to navigate that conversation.

There is an art and a science to having that conversation – I call it Elegant Enrollment.

They need you to show up as a leader of the conversation, show them how they will be supported, what is possible when they work with you and then HELP them work through the worries and concerns (ie: the objections).

I work with my clients to help them get comfortable having those elegant enrollment conversations, so they actually get excited about objections! They know that objections mean they are interested and are trying to work out the pieces and work through the resistance to change.

Sometimes they truly are in a position where it’s not the right time or they don’t have the money (or it would put them in a position of not being able to pay their mortgage or rent).

Even when they love you and want to work with you but it’s not the right time, it still stings.

The more you know how to handle these conversations with an authentic conversation, the less personal it becomes. (and the better at elegant enrollment you get!)

The sting or the disappointment is less, and it won’t take you down for days or weeks.

You’ll know how to work with that sneaky Inner Protector, and instead show up and lead…and then put them in your follow up system for after they are settled in Italy and ready to go!

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