The skill you need to be successful today: Visual Intelligence

Today’s obsession: Visual Intelligence. I ran across this phrase today in an ad for a job. I’m an avid reader and love trends. I read job postings in related areas and see what talents and skills companies are looking for. Today one of the requirements is for visual intelligence.

I did a bit of research about the meanings and interpretations. Visual Intelligence is about images and what they communicate and how they connect with their audience. With the importance of visual images in our world, having an intelligence about the visual power and logic of images is more and more important… cutting across a variety of areas: perceptual psychology, art, television, film, literature, advertising, and politics.

I see examples of this the side bar with the Candy Crush logo, what Facebook ads work better than others, commercials that move you, make you laugh, make you mad or leave a lasting impression.

A simple and yet great example is at the Democratic Convention when Hillary Clinton used that power visual to show shattering the glass ceiling upon her official presidential nomination.

How do you see Visual Intelligence showing up in your part of the world?

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