The next Creative Business Studio (Answers to commonly asked questions below)

I am really hoping I’m going to see you at the next Creative Business Studio on Friday, November 2.

I’ve talked to several people who are thinking about it, but it turns out that they have some questions about what a Creative Business Studio really is.

What I’m finding is that many people are scared away by the word “creative” and even the word “business.”

I’ve put together some of the most commonly asked questions and my answers to help you better make a better decision about joining us.

Do I have to be really creative?

Heck no! This isn’t a Creative Business Studio for artists only (although if you’re an artist, come!). It’s for entrepreneurs like you who want to do things differently… YOUR way… as you are growing your business… you want to incorporate your passion… and uncork your creativity along the way!

What if I’m rebranding?

Perfect! The Creative Business Studio will be just the place for you to immerse in what you want to shift into – that bigger, more fuller, richer message. If you’re rebranding – wanting your business to showcase a different you – then you need different ways of marketing and doing business – and THAT’s what I focus on at the Studio experience.

What if I’m shy and introverted? Are you going to make me do one of those scary networking things?

We’re not scary at all! Imagine a place where there are lots of people like you… wanting to put their message out into the world, but looking for a different way to do it. We’re not going to be doing elevator speeches or exchanging business cards (although feel free to do so if you want; it just won’t be a formal part of the Creative Business Studio). This is NOT your father’s networking event! Here you’ll find AMAZING value in connecting with other women entrepreneurs who have huge hearts and a big message to get out there.

Most people walk away from the experience feeling like they found a home!

What if I’m a newbie?

What a tremendously valuable experience this will be for you, then! There’s a great mix of experience at the Creative Business Studio… everywhere from those who are just starting out to women who have been in business for dozens of years. The creative tools and processes I teach can be used no matter what level of experience you have.

Do I have to have “it” all figured out? What if I don’t have the plan?

If you do, that’s great! If you don’t, it’s the perfect place to line up your energy, confidence, and creativity to help get you in an expansive frame of mind no matter where you are in your business creation process. You might get a huge download of your vision. Or you might get clarity on a piece of your vision. Either way (or in between), what we do at the Creative Business Studio is going to help you get to that inspired heart-awakening plan.

 I’m here to help show you the way to doing business differently – creatively, passionately, and with inspired action… Read on to get all the details.

Date: Friday, November 2nd
Topic: Creating Your Inspiring and Empowering Vision for 2013!
Time: 9:00am – 12:00pm
Location: The Workspot – Downtown Duluth
Price: Only $47 for this creatively rich ½-day experience! But you gotta sign up soon before the price goes up on October 30!


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