The Key Flourishing Principle of Broaden and Build

“Ok, here is your homework… After your facilitation engagement, on your drive home, you can think of 3 things you would have done better and then that’s it! The rest of the drive is about what you did well and are looking forward to next time.”

That was my homework for one of my clients last week. He attracted an amazing opportunity to create a team program using the DISC profile, values work, and more.

His old habit would be to ruminate afterward on what went wrong, what could have been better and what he shoulda, coulda, woulda done different.

You need to have some reflection time after an event, training or delivering a program. It’s helpful to review the event and see what you would improve.

Where it flips is when you get stuck here. Ruminating. Worrying over the past. Chastising yourself for every little thing that you could have done.

It’s better to spend more time on broadening and building. A positive psychology tool where you focus on what went well and expand it into the future.

Thinking about what is positive and feel into the emotions of that story so you lock it into your body.

We are all too familiar with the beating up process. It’s so ingrained in many of us. I used to think that was the “right” way to be in life. To make sure I spent time beating myself up before someone else pointed out my errors or shortcomings. I needed to get to it first! (what kind of backward thinking is that?!)

Like I was going to get bonus points in life or something for being the first to point out my shortcomings!?

That line of thinking will do more to bring you down and keep you deficit thinking. Deeping what is wrong.

It’s way harder to be creative from this place!

This is why I start many of my trainings and coaching calls asking clients to share their JoyFlow Sightings. They get permission and space to talk about what is going well, what’s working, and sharing their successes!

It’s not a Pollyanna, rose-color glasses type of exercise.

This is a foundation of Flourishing principles taught in Positive Psychology.

The more you expand and broaden your strengths, successes and celebrations, the higher vibration you radiate and the deeper you lock in that vibration of success.

So…what is going well this week?

How are you using your strengths to move your business forward?

What are some celebrations?

Dare to make a list!

Think it and let yourself feel how good it is to savor and appreciate.

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