The Doubt Vortex – 6 Lifesavers for When You’ve Forgotten Your Brilliance


This is a special audio that I created for The Future of Ink, and I wanted to share it with you, too!

As a content creator you are constantly having to come up with the next new idea, put your thoughts and ideas out in the public eye and subject yourself to possible criticism.

And on a daily basis you are showing up as a leader through social media, your blog and marketing.

That takes a lot of confidence, courage and resilience.

But what about on the days when you don’t feel so confident? You’ve forgotten your brilliance. You’re second guessing your value and wondering if anyone will notice if you don’t write or create today.

That stomach churning, fuzzy brain, throat closing place where you forget who you are and why you are doing all this work!

It happens to us all.

You’re falling into the Doubt Vortex.

You don’t have to get stuck there. You can shift your energy, change your thoughts and get out before you get swallowed alive for days or weeks!

I’ve created this special audio message for you to share my favorite 6 Lifesavers to use when you’ve forgotten your brilliance and you’ve fallen into that Doubt Vortex.

Listen here!

I’d love to hear which Lifesaver you use to get out of the Doubt Vortex and get back to creating!

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