{JBTV} The 5 Conversations to Grow Your Business

I’m getting ready to go into a big week. I’m driving down to Atlanta to spend the week visiting friends, family and clients. I have lots of walk & talks set up – my favorite way to exercise and catch up with friends.

PLUS, my youngest son, Sam, is graduating from college. He’s at a small liberal arts college 2 hours outside of Atlanta. He’s majoring in MIS and Finance. He’s had an amazing time over the last 4 years and has really been able to step in as a leader at this small college.

It’s been so fun and heartening to see him grow into his leadership potential and into his own personality. #proudmamamoment

I also want to share with you this week’s episode of Joyful Business TV. I talk about the 5 types of conversations you want to be having that will help you grow and expand your business.

Not all of them are sales conversations!

Learn the difference and you’ll know how to expand your business with more, grace, joy and confidence.

With this approach you’ll step into a mindset of generosity and abundance which are power shifts to expand your business.

I would love to hear how this resonates for you! Please feel free to let me know!

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