Let’s Get Stuff Done That Matters – Together!

I am hearing from a lot of you how tough it is to focus right now… so much change, unrest, uncertainty… and it’s summer to boot!

So, I’ve brought out a favorite experience that my clients always rave about:

Get Stuff Done That Matters Virtual Retreat Day

What is it?

Well, it’s a day for us gather together on zoom and get the projects done we have been wanting to do.

It’s more fun because we are doing it together.

I’m around all day to answer questions and keep you going.

There’s something powerful that happens to your focus and productivity when you know there are other people who know what you are up to. That accountability is powerful.

Did I mention that it’s just more fun than trying to do it alone?

Come join in on the “getting stuff done that matters” together day – it’ll be fun, inspiring and productive! Imagine how good that will feel!

It’s Friday, August 7

11:00 am – 3:30 pm Eastern

Virtually on yep, you guess it… it’s on Zoom!


Here is where you can get all the details and register!

I hope you can make it for some or all of the day. It’s amazing how gratifying it can be to get some important creative projects (or not so creative but necessary) done!

See you on August 7th!


PS: Oh and… you also get a special bonus! You’ll love listening to the meditation where you visit with your Business Fairy Godmother for guidance and wisdom about your project and which stuff to get done! And I have a few more bonuses up my sleeve that will help your motivation, inspiration and creativity! I hope you’ll join us!

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