Stop Procrastinating & Say YES! Deadline today…

by Laura West

I wanted to give you a quick loving reminder that TODAY is the deadline for you to join us on the…

#GetStuffDoneThatMatters Virtual Retreat tomorrow!

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Get Stuff Done That Matters!

Isn’t time for you to say YES to your Success? And get the great ideas done?

A great idea is just a great idea unless you do something with it, right?

So, join us Friday and let’s work on the business stuff that will move you forward, like:

  • Creating content that showcases you as an expert and a leader
  • Writing that nurture email campaign to your tribe
  • Creating videos so that your community can experience you in a more intimate & genuine way
  • Organize your office
  • Get your systems up to date or start them (like an online calendar, customer list, etc)

What have you been putting off that if you did would feel SOOOO good AND move your business forward?

Let’s get it done! Join us on the #GetStuffDoneThatMatters this Friday!

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Get Stuff Done That Matters!

Can’t wait to hear what you are going to focus on!