Stop blending in! 7 ways to use creativity in your business…


Creativity in Business is the hot topic these days…

So, just why is creativity so important?

In a crowded marketplace and especially online, creativity is what will make you stand out from everyone else. Showcasing your unique talents, expertise, and even personality breaks through the clutter to stand out like a red poppy in a sea of yellow daffodils.

Let me share with you 7 ways you can use creativity in your business:

1. Creative Calling – If you are like me, your business is a creative calling. You can’t NOT do it. You have to dive deep into the expression of your purpose and your mission. Your business becomes a vehicle for self expression in itself.

2. Personal Brand – This is your personality, quirks, what makes you unique, experiences, strengths, perspectives, and it gets communicated in everything. Everything. From business cards, your website, to your social media posts… it’s your personal brand.

3. Package Your Expertise into Products and Services – You use your creativity to create your signature system. The consistent process you use with your clients to help them get better results. Then put that process into a teleclass, webinar, ebook, digital product, or training program. Your creativity is put to use in designing the product or program… from the process to the graphics to the training materials (worksheets, videos, tutorials, and more). It’s all part of your creative expression.

4. Creative Content – This is one of the biggest ways you can express your creative voice and message. Articles, Videos, Infographics, Photo quotes, audios, blog posts… the list goes on. This allows you to showcase your expertise through educating and entertaining others… and then you add your personal creative twist with your personal brand.

5. Creative Thought Leadership – This is where you take your creative content and programs and products to a new level. Where you shine as a leader stepping into the spotlight with your opinions, new perspectives, or even innovative approaches that are different from the traditional approach.

6. Creating Experiences Through Retreats, Workshops, Trainings – Your creativity shows up by the experience you deliver to your clients. People WANT and respond to you adding your creative twist. The world needs your unique creative twist!

7. Creating Solutions and Ideas – You do this every day with your clients and customers… using your creativity creativity to respond to clients, troubleshoot a technology issue, design new emails, and brainstorming new marketing plans.

Creativity – in the form of fresh perspective, unique experience, new take on standard processes, personal brand and style -will help you to stand out and to grow your business.

Which is why I created the Creative Business Studio.

The Creative Business Studio is perfect for creative entrepreneurs who want to grow their business based on their creativity and who want to stand out more with a creative twist on their marketing.

This is a yearlong program where you get juicy content calls, open coaching calls with me, ArtJoy tools, Creative Firestarter questions, community, and more…

It’s an amazing program, and I know you want to be in on it… and when you join by this Friday, March 6, you can save almost $1000 off the regular price. (And we have very affordable payment plans, too!)

Read all the juicy details here!

See you in the Studio!

P.S. I also have the 2015 Courageous Creativity in Business Mastermind opening up too. This includes two amazing Creative Business Retreats by-the-sea, private coaching, the Creative Business Studio, and more… let me know if you want to talk about this higher level of personal connection.

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