We Start Today! Are You In?

by Laura West

I’m so excited as today is the day we officially kick off the 30-Day Fun & Fabulous Follow Up Challenge!

Everyone in the group is so excited! And, maybe a little nervous too.

The simple idea is this: Reach out to 3 people a day. Every day.

They can be potential clients.

Most likely, they will be new connections, colleagues, potential speaking opportunities, past clients, friends, conference managers – all sorts of people where you can spread kindness, inspiration and curiosity about how you can help them!

No need to be nervous as I’ll show you how to find these people and I’ll teach you creative and yet authentic ideas to reach out and connect.

I also teach you…

What to do with that stack of business cards falling over on your desk!

Who to reach out to when you don’t have any business cards falling over on your desk!

The 5 different conversations you can have with people (inviting to a sales conversation is only ONE of them!)

And so much more… you’ll use these teachings and this Daily Success Habit forever to keep your business flowing and expanding!

But you need to jump in quick at Fun & Fabulous Follow Up – 30-Day Challenge.

We start today!

If you can’t make today’s call, it’s ok, it’ll be recorded, but you’ll want to schedule a time with yourself to listen because you’ll get really inspired to take follow up action!

See you on the call soon!

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