Spread Love + Business

“You have a love for business!” a colleague recently said to me. “You get so excited and look at business in a whole different way than anybody I know!”

What she was pointing to was not so much my love FOR business but my LOVE for what business can do.

Wake up wondering how to spread love.

I wake up in the morning thinking…I GET to create, grow and touch people’s lives and make a positive difference in my business today!

Part of my morning ritual includes, writing the affirmation, “Today I am open to receiving more LOVE, joy, creativity, and success and I inspire others to do the same.”

It’s an honor to inspire others and see how I can spread possibility energy, positive thinking and real solutions that help entrepreneurs throughout my day.

It’s my mission of love.

How can YOU spread love today?

I look at business as a vehicle for giving gifts!

What better way to share your love with the world than to give a gift?

You have this unique combination of talents, strengths, treasured pain and perspective that comes together in the form of YOU so that you create a uniquely beautiful experience when people interact with you. Look for ways to share these solutions (or gifts) with members of your Soul Tribe.

Love your creative self.

Your business is also an opportunity to express your creativity. How you express your creativity is different for each one of us.

You can express your creativity in your marketing through your unique style of writing, or speaking, or in conversations on social media.

Sharing your creativity with your personality, perspective, worldview and approach.

Your creativity can show up through creating oracle cards or a creative worksheet, or the fun way you share helpful tips or your radiant personality on a video interview.

Let yourself go beyond your small box of creative expression…get curious what’s possible!

Love your intuitive self.

Every day as an entrepreneur is an opportunity to learn to trust and love yourself deeper. It starts with consciously slowing down enough to listen to the whispers and messages.

By going within and trusting your intuitive self you’ll find messages for your business direction, guidance for decisions and nudges for how to help a client.

My creativity always starts by being quiet and listening to the whispers.

Love your money!

What a wonderful world where you can get paid to do work you love. This exchange elevates the idea of work to focusing on the energy exchange of providing great value for moolah.

How can you bring love into your money this week? Perhaps by nurturing your money by getting organized for your taxes, or checking in on your financials. Or, it might be a time for you to design a new coaching or training package with a higher rate.

Appreciate any and all money that flows into your business this week!

Love on your clients!

Let them know how much you love and appreciate them. Tell them that you are honored to have their trust.

Your business is an opportunity to be able to spread solutions and relief….that’s love in action.

Love your marketing.

Yes, love. your. marketing. What if marketing was something you did FOR clients…not TO them.

How does your marketing educate, inspire, provide ideas and positive energy?

What if you only did marketing you loved?

What would it take to have so much fun, freedom and creative expression in your marketing that you fell in love with marketing?!

How could your marketing (just the marketing part!) be a gift to someone? (Let that roll around in your imagination and wake up your creativity.)

Let’s set a new vision for business.

Embrace your business as an outlet for spreading love in this world.

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