Are you feeling a yearning, a deep calling within telling you that there’s something more for you to offer the world?

Do you feel that there is a deeper, bigger expression of your purpose that is waiting to be discovered, liberated and acted upon?

That’s your Soul’s Divine Purpose beckoning you to step into your creative leadership and bring your SoulWork into world.

This is why I created the

Activate Your Soul’s Divine Purpose Package

This series of private coaching calls dedicated to aligning your deep joy, discovering your next expression of your purpose and bringing your SoulWork to life!

This is not your typical coaching… 

Over the course of 3 calls, I will guide you as you open up to your higher guidance and messages from the Akashic Record Field to amplify your energetics, eliminate friction, heal blocks, and clear the way to access more power, confidence, and creative expression in your life. 

Here’s a glimpse of our powerful journey ahead:

Calling in your Soul’s Divine Purpose

Dive deep to discover the true purpose your soul is yearning to express. Unlock the passions, talents, and unique energetic expression only you can bring to the world.

Calling in your Business Soul’s Divine Purpose

Your business has it’s own soul path. Through this creative coaching experience, you will understand how your soul’s purpose can be channeled into your SoulWork, align your truest self and creative expression, and use Akashic Healing to shift or realign the energies that are blocking your expansion and expression.

Activate Your Soul Work Coaching

We’ll blend work with Akashic guidance and healing with practical coaching to help you ignite your fire around your SoulWork, activate your energy, and set you on a clear path to your Soul’s Divine Purpose. 
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When you sign up for the Activate Your Soul’s Divine Purpose Package:

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Ready to Activate?

Sign up now and open the door to a life and business guided by your Soul’s Divine Purpose with more passion, purpose, and clarity. Allow me to guide you in harnessing the expansive energy of your SoulWork. Together we’ll open up the highest potential for your life and your business.

Join me on this journey of soulful transformation.

Laura West knows that when you are aligned with your joy, purpose and unique brilliance – success is inevitable! She has helped 1000s of entrepreneurs and professionals unlock their Soul Work, creativity, and leadership presence.

Laura is the CEO of the Center for Joyful Business, author of The Joyful Business Plan and upcoming book, Dream Weaving. She is also the host of Joyful Business TV and podcast.  She helps coaches, healers, and purpose-driven entrepreneurs shift the blocks so that they claim their creative leadership, and share their Soul Work in a bigger way…all while making a positive difference and great money! Laura’s unique approach to success blends conscious business, creativity, spirituality, intuition, positive psychology, and leadership skills with practical marketing.

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