Some Sunday Dreaming


Happy Sunday!

I hope you have a little down time today to curl up and just dream.

Feel into your life and business and what you most want to create!

Imagine who you are being as your business emerges in a beautiful new way!

Imagine the opportunities and people who come your way because you took inspired action to share your creative message.

See yourself as the Business Artist with vibrant energy to attract to you what you most want… supported by smart business and creative marketing.

All these are reasons why I’ve created programs centered around the idea that YOU are the Artist of Your Life.

That means you actively and consciously create your business and your life. And that takes courage and creativity and a community of like-minded people who are going to champion you.

While you’re dreaming today, take a look at my two new Coaching Programs…

The new coaching programs include the 2015 Courageous Creativity in Business Mastermind – I only have 6 spots for this intimate, transformational mastermind. If you are ready to rise up to the next expansion in your business… and your life… this is perfect for you! If you are claiming your creative thought leadership, stepping into a new creative message in a bigger and more visible way, or are looking to re-ignite your passion and creativity… this is what you are looking for! For more information go to 2015 Coaching Program webpage.

If you are interested in the mastermind, just review the information (you’ll see the link to the Information Packet on the coaching page) and send me the answers to the 5 questions (in the information packet) about your business. Then we’ll set up a time for an interview and discussion about your situation, goals and intentions, and the program so we can make sure it’s the right fit for you. No pressure… I like to make sure the right people find a home in the mastermind together.


The Creative Business Studio is all virtual and is perfect for creative entrepreneurs of any experience level who want to be in a community of entrepreneurs who honor authenticity, smart business, commitment to growth, AND creativity and intuition as part of their everyday business toolkit. Read all the juicy details here!

Oh, yes, and… there are special incentives when you sign up by Friday, March 6!

Happy dreaming, and let’s keep those dreams alive!

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