Sketchnotes, Vision Maps and InfoDoodles

by Laura West

Are you bored with your same ‘ol marketing? Wishing it had a bit more pizzaz and fun?

Wouldn’t you like to be more creative in your marketing?

Why don’t you?

I have an easy and fun way you can add more creativity right away (and no artistic experience is necessary!)

Join me in Atlanta for my Doodling for Business and Fun workshop!

You’ll learn how to create basic figures, fun drawings for metaphors and how to capture the most important sound bites in a conversation or meeting.

What you will learn at this workshop you’ll be able to take and develop your own unique style of visual graphics that grab attention, help people learn and draw their eye to your message.

Here are the details…

If you are interested, you’ll want to grab your spot quick – there’s only room for 10 people since this is a small, hands on experience.

It’ll be fun and you’ll be amazed at how often you’ll use this in your business… Taking notes, sharing ideas, with your articles, in your ezine, on your blog, website and on social media. That is just a start! Wait until we talk about how you can use it in meetings, workshops and conferences.

Go ahead and get your spot before it fills up!

I’m serious that absolutely NO artistic experience is necessary! I promise. You can do this! I’ll show you how!

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