Simplify Your Marketing! Anti-Hustle! And Other New Ways To Be in 2020

by Laura West

As I am wrapping up 2019, one thing I keep hearing over and over again is how overwhelming marketing can be.

There are so many choices of strategies! And the experts make it seem like you MUST be a hustler to keep up with them all or you won’t be successful.

I’m a believer that for every big trend there is a rebound trend. For me… that rebound trend is about Simplifying and Being Anti-Hustle… while still being committed to big growth, impact and profit in my business.

My favorite way to do this is to create a Beacon Marketing Strategy. This is having ONE major strategy that is free and is always available. It’s something you can easily invite people to anytime.

“Scattered energy gets scattered results. Focused energy gets focused results.”

Examples of a Beacon Marketing Strategies:

  • My Joyful Business LIVE Show that I do in my Joyful Business Community.
  • A podcast showcasing your wisdom and interviewing other experts sharing great advice.
  • Weekly column or tips – for 6 years I sent out Monday Marketing Miracle Messages. People still ask about those!
  • Consistent Pop Up Coaching breakfast or event.

Want to make creating a Beacon Marketing Strategy a part of your 2020 business plan? I have a creative worksheet for that!

I love making ideas come to life by getting them out of your head and on to paper with the Joyful Business Plan.

You can get immediate access to the Beacon Marketing Strategy creative worksheet and the whole Joyful Business Plan right now!

It’s available here: Joyful Business Plan.

This is a plan you’ll use all year long to guide you in focusing, making decisions and keeping track of your cool ideas! And, did I mention it’s inspiring and fun to do! No more boring or scary business planning!

Make sure you get yours by Friday, December 20 and you’ll save $70!! Woohoo!!

Go here to get the details.

I can’t wait to see what you are up for this new launch to a fresh decade!

To Your Big Beautiful Amazing Success,

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