Simplify & Amplify (& Get Creative) by Repurposing Your Content

One of the ways you can be smart with your marketing is by focusing on Simplify and Amplify strategies. One main strategy is to repurpose your content. One piece of content shared in different formats and on various social media platforms and more.

I know you have a big dream. You want to reach more people, change more lives and make great money too. But most likely marketing isn’t your full time passion…it’s your Soul Work where you want to be spending most of your time, right? Not on 24/7 marketing.

Repurposing your content is a super smart and easy way to do that. And it lets you get creative with your content too!

Here’s an example of how to be smart about your marketing and repurpose your content.

Let’s use my TV Show, Joyful Business TV as an example. It broadcasts every week. Every single week! That is 52 different topics or guests!

That is a lot of content to generate.

So, let’s first look at how I can make creating content every week for my show easy, fun and creative.

For my TV show content I look to what I already have that I love and represents my message. I pull from:

  1. My programs  Fun & Fabulous Follow Up, Elegant Enrollment and the Joyful Business Plan. I use parts of these products to be my topic of the week on the show.
  2. My membership program, the Joyful Business Studio  Every month for the last 10 years I’ve been teaching about marketing, mindset and money. I can easily pull topics from within those classes and give them a new, fresh spin.
  3. Segments from my talks – Recently I’ve spoken on summits and podcasts about Attracting Your Soul Tribe, Embracing Your Authentic Marketing Style and Expanding Your MoneyFlow. You bet these were some of my first topics for my TV Show.
  4. My books and products  I recently contributed to a 5th Amazon best seller collaborative book. Every time I write a new chapter contribution that’s a great fodder for show content. I also have online books and ebooks. All great stuff to reuse and dedicate an episode to.

This is all without having to create any new content!

Ok, now the real magic of repurposing content comes into play with smart marketing strategies. You can use your teaching/speaking content to then create even more content to expand (amplify) your marketing exposure and reach.

Here’s how smart marketing and repurposing looks for my TV Show content…

  1. I have my show on the WIN WIN Women platform. This platform has its own global marketing strategy. (That is smart collaboration.)
  2. My same TV show is uploaded to Apple TV, FireTV, and Roku. I don’t have to do a thing! (Again, how smart is that?)
  3. I can also download my TV Show and put it on my YouTube channel.(Coming this summer.)
  4. You can see the TV show on my website – so that keeps my website fresh.
  5. Pull out the audio from each TV episode for the Joyful Business Podcast. (Also coming this summer!). The content is already done!
  6. Pull out quotes from each episode to use for photo quotes on social media.
  7. Pull out video snippets for short video quotes on social media. (Again, maximizing what I already have.)
  8. There is always a bit of a fresh take on each episode on a topic that can then become the basis for a fresh newsletter article for my newsletter.
  9. I can also load my articles onto the WIN WIN Women website and other platforms (like Medium) plus use it on social media for those who prefer to read an article.

All of that content and visibility by using the content I already have.

Of course, you’ll always want to freshen it up, add new stories or relate it to a current trend or event.

This Repurpose Strategy is smart marketing. One of the smart Simplifying and Amplifying strategies that help you get more impact and results from your marketing efforts.

You don’t have to do ALL of these things to get the benefit. Simply watch for opportunities to recyle or upcycle what you already have.

Then the Law of Compound Effect comes into play. Every time to share your message and increase your visibility it’s not 1 + 1 = 2. It’s 1 + 1 = 3 and then it ripples out.

It is supported by the Universal Abundance Current too. That current that flows through life that supports what is expanding. When your message is naturally expanding in different avenues all sorts of opportunities, connections and synchronicities come your way.

1 + 1 = 3

And you are in the flow of your creativity, energy and impact!

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