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Hello from Charleston!

I’m down here in this beautiful southern city for a little getaway and to visit with my Dad. He just bought a golf cart to drive around the neighborhood so we’ll been having fun scooting around together.

This week I am re-sharing (is that a word?) one of my favorite episodes from last year.

It’s about being SMART with your marketing.

You can do LESS and get MORE impact.

I share my 6 favorite ways to Simplify & Amplify your marketing. Guess what? One of the strategies is to recycle, reuse and re-share your best content! (Walking my talk here!)

Here’s what you’ll find…

#54: Simplify and Amplify Your Marketing

There are 100’s of marketing strategies out there – Do you need to do them all?

In this week’s episode of Joyful Business TV I share how as a busy entrepreneur you want to be smart with your time, energy and impact. That’s why this revolutionary approach will help you have the most marketing impact for the least time and effort!

I share my 6 favorite Simplify & Amplify Strategies to help you use smart, conscious marketing to grow your business.

Watch here.

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