{Simplify & Amplify} Bliss & Brilliance in Business!

Big warm hello to you today!

Let’s talk about YOUR Bliss & Brilliance! 

That’s the theme for this month’s free Simplify & Amplify workshop!

It’s coming up next week – Wednesday, November 15th. 

If I had you at Bliss in Business…you can jump on over and sign up now!

Bliss and Brilliance….I love those words. 

What does it mean for you?

Here’s how I see it showing up in your business…

Identifying what brings you joy, knowing what you are great at, aligning deeply with your purpose, opening up your creative flow, creating how you like to treat clients, (and more ingredients you ALREADY have inside you)…

Integrating your unique Bliss & Brilliance ingredients will help you…

*Claim your own Authentic Marketing Style (not trying to be like somebody else)

*Speak your unique message that stands out in a crowd

*Create your special way of creating and offering a program, service or product that attracts your ideal Best Client Ever!

This is what we’ll talk about on the next Simplify & Amplify workshop. 

You’ll also experience…

*Being in a creative space where we’ll open up to higher guidance and creativity to help you share your SoulWork

*Be in the company of other creative & spiritual entrepreneurs where you’ll feel at home

Sign up for the Simplify and Amplify free monthly workshops!

Mark your calendar… 3rdrd Wednesday of every month at 12:00 noon ET (check your time zone)

Each month, we’ll focus on a fun, fresh, exciting topic that focuses on enhancing your creativity, keeping you in your flow, and fueled by your joy. You’ll be welcomed by the like-hearted community of ambitious, spiritual and soul-led creative entrepreneurs!

I’m super excited for you to join me in this business-shifting, mindset-shifting, energy-shifting….well, you get it – big shifts that support your expansion, loving your life and business…and being conscious of your beautiful, sensitive self.

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