5 Signs You Need to Grow

by Laura West

This is a business truth: When YOU grow, your BUSINESS grows.

Sometimes you are clear you are ready for growth but quite often it sneaks up on you. Catching you unaware and wondering what the heck is going on with me?!

I had this happen recently where I was feeling really irritable with the weather, the flu going around, and generally anything that came in my direction for a couple of days. And I just wanted to nap! Finally I gave in and realized over the weekend that something was brewing underneath the surface and that I needed to stop forcing it and just let it come through. Let me say it involved a lot of binge watching “This is Us”, napping, journaling and getting coached!

There are very distinct signs that it’s time for focusing on what is going on under the surface that wants to be seen and heard that needs your attention, your reflection, your time and your energy so that you get out of the low level energy of stagnation or frustration and make room for what wants to emerge.

Here are the five signs that something needs to shift:

1. You are CRAZY BUSY – This one is the most obvious. If you are crazy hair-on-fire busy then it’s time to grow so your business can continue to grow. What are the systems you need to put in place to get more done in less time? Where can you delegate? What team or support do you need? Is it time for a coach to help you leverage your work so you can make more money, reach more people without the craziness?

2. You are feeling IRRATIONALLY IRRITABLE – You don’t understand why you are so dag-gone irritable but it’s there. In all its itchy, venom-filled glory. You may find yourself irritable with others for no real reason but what’s happening is that you are pissed at yourself! You might feel pissed at your business. This is actually a good sign (good coaches get excited at this kind of energy!) It’s a sign that you need to express. You have something pent up inside and it’s time to let it out. It may be in writing or speaking a new message, it might be time to stand in your leadership or it might be that you finally need to focus on that new body of work that is desperate to get created and is trying to get your attention.

3. You are SO BORED – When you have to drag yourself to the office or the thought of writing another email feels like the keyboard has leprosy, then you are bored. You might even want – to – take – a – nap. Again. Let yourself nap. It’s good to nap! Research shows that the shifting work gets done in our brains during nap time. Then you need some time to reflect, write, and talk it out so it makes it’s way to your heart. That’s when the real action will finally happen.

4. You feel CONFUSED – When you feel confused and everyone else looks at you like you are crazy then something’s up. They can’t see the confusion or understand why you are confused. That’s because it’s an internal feeling that some wires have gotten crossed. Pay attention. This feeling of swirling and not being able to focus means there’s something that wants to emerge but it can’t find a way out yet. Trust the process and keep writing, talking, and getting coached.

5. You are in COMPARISON mode – So often coaches make it seem like it’s a crime to compare yourself to others. The thing is that it’s a natural process. I look at comparison like it’s full of great information. You compare to see what you like and don’t like. When you feel those green eyes of jealousy emerge, realize it’s just a sign that there is something in that other person that wants to be nurtured and brought out/expressed in you. Of course, you don’t want to hang in this energy for too long and start beating yourself up and shaming yourself. That’s not going to help. What helps is to take a healthy look at what is causing these feelings and capture what that person is mirroring for you. These messages are so important for informing you what wants to be created next.

I know it’s so easy to go to the place where you want to beat yourself up when these signs and symptoms come up because you don’t feel like you are being productive, but really they are our heart’s way of communicating with us and getting us to pay attention. Sometimes you can do the growth work yourself but quite often this is where a coach can help. They can see what is impossible for you to see.

What signs are you seeing where you need to grow?