Letting Go of Being of Service…

I got into a great conversation in a group the other morning about the idea of Being of Service.

I admitted that whenever I heard the phrase… be of service, I felt myself cringe a little inside. Like I wanted to hide. I knew I SHOULD feel this calling to give selflessly. There was some part of me that felt… hmmm, that felt like I am a fraud.

I realized that in my mind, being of service meant that the only way to truly be of service was to be totally selfless.

Selflessly giving without receiving anything in return.

I should (always a clue when the “should” word comes up) not want anything in return – which I get and am often in alignment with – there are many times when I give without demanding something in return… but I also had a BELIEF that I shouldn’t receive ANYTHING in return for it to qualify as being of service.

(I don’t know who is doing the qualifying… that’s another conversation for another email!)

It’s that last part I want to pull out and look at more closely.

Being of service means NOT EVER receiving anything in return.

The thing is… I feel like I am of service. In fact, I’ve built my life and business around being of service of using my gifts, my purpose and my beautiful brilliance to help others. However, as I serve my clients and community, and even my friends and family with my own particular gifts… I ALWAYS RECEIVE something in return.

Sometimes it’s money in exchange for powerful mindset shifts, deep transformation into new more resourceful and authentic identities, authentic marketing strategies that are perfect for that particular client. It’s a clear exchange. And I am still being of service.

I also receive gratitude, appreciation, joy, seeing a light bulb go off in someone where it clicked that their gifts are needed and they CAN do this marketing thing THEIR way.

Or I get a smile of appreciation or a heartfelt thank you for making a meal or sending a surprise gift in the mail.

I RECEIVE lot from either way. I also feel a little thrill when I know I’m in alignment with being of service. I’m inspired right back. I get my own ideas sparking. I receive a deep feeling of being on purpose and that feeling keeps steering my life.

Quite often I also get referrals from clients, and introductions to possible collaborators or speaking opportunities. I love receiving that goodness too!

Shifting the way I look at Being of Service reframe the picture I had in my mind that it was supposed to be a ONE WAY street and it felt very constricting. It’s shifted to a new perspective about being of service which includes RECEIVING.

I can feel my heart opening with that new definition. I feel way more expansive.

The True Nature of Being of Service is that it’s more of an infinity loop of energy exchange.

When you give from your heart, your heart will always be filled up with energy of giving, the heart expansion of making a difference, of the work landing, of inner pride, inspiration and also with the joy of receiving the exchange of money, testimonials, referrals and introductions.

During this catalyst time of change, we are all being asked to Be of Service. To be of service with our gifts and unique beautiful brilliance to make a difference.

Before you think… “I have to be totally selfless” or “I’m too exhausted to give, give, give,” remember the infinity loop of energy exchange that happens.

I’d love to hear about your Infinity Loop of Being of Service. What does it look like for you these days?

Coming Up!

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Wednesday, September 2
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