[Video] Go from a Seed of an Idea to Extraordinary Success – Like Magic!


Happy Sunday!

Don’t you just love Sundays?

Maybe you get to sleep in. Maybe you get to get up early and enjoy a cup of tea on the deck. Maybe you get to spend a little time dreaming…

It’s like we drop the pressure on ourselves and the expectations of our to-do lists and we relax. This allows us to show up and be more present, to have fun, to laugh a little more and connect a little bit longer.

It’s almost like magic how weekend energy works.

It’s a very similar experience as to the magic that happens in the 30-Day Passion Project™.

You drop your big important to-do list and give yourself permission to focus on a project that feels fun, creative, and exciting.

And from that little seed of excitement… all things are possible.

Extraordinary success is possible.

It moves you from just focusing on daily to-do’s to creating a project that matters!

A project that gets attention, stirs up excitement and gets you noticed!

Watch my special video where I talk about how this happened for Barb Brown of InspiredHealthandHealing.com and Wendy Kerr from CorporateCrossovers.com.

There was a seed of a creative and passionate idea, and by finally committing to that project… they experienced extraordinary success.

It’s almost like magic.

I like to call it practical magic, but that’s another video! 🙂



Watch this video and then come join us next week for the free webinar where I’ll help you Discover YOUR Passion Project.

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Looking forward to seeing your seed of a Passion Project come alive and turn into extraordinary success!

See you on the webinar next week. And be on the look out for that weekend magic!