Invitation for: Conscious Women Entrepreneurs, Heart-Centered Business Owners and Passion based Business Owners including Coaches, Consultants, Healers, Authors, Speakers and Virtual Assistants

Are You Ready To Attract An Abundance of New Clients
So You Can Help More People Across the Planet
While Making Great Money In Your Business?

Then isn’t It Time To GET OVER Your Overwhelm
and Resistance to Sales Pages?

It can be a breeze for you to create sales pages with
a passionate connection, without selling your soul,
and with grace and ease

Laura West
Laura West
President & Founder
Center for Joyful Business

From the laptop of Laura West
Suburbs of Atlanta, USA

Hello Heart-Focused Business Woman!

Sales pages? With grace and ease? Is that really possible?

When I mentioned sales pages, did you shudder? Roll your eyes? Did you nod in agreement feeling like it’s confusing and often overwhelming to write these things? You may have wanted to click off right way while saying, "No way – I hate those things!"

Let me first reassure you… I too was in that same place of resistance. I vowed, yes, vowed that I would never market with a sales page.

Then I went through a period of major frustration in my coaching business that my marketing wasn’t really working very well. I was doing the right things but not making much money. (Many of you have heard the story of how I was stuck at making $24,000 as a coach for several years – disappointing and frustrating!)

So, I threw out my old vow.

New vow: "I will prove them wrong! I can market online and my sales pages will be authentic, creative, interesting to read, fun, in full integrity, connecting and - yes – feminine AND financially successful."

That’s what I have been committed to over the ten years in my business and working with 1000’s of creative women entrepreneurs. I’ve taken top level marketing, leadership, online strategy programs, retreats, and workshops – spending tens of thousands of dollars with mentor coaches and experts in online marketing. I’ve pulled together all the smart marketing practices that are still relevant today and combined them with a feminine style of connecting and being real.

Hey, it’s working...

  • I now have a multi-six-figure business offering coaching programs, retreats, teleclass programs and products.  I know this is part of your big vision too!

    Laura West Convertible
  • I get to work with amazing women all around the world doing work I love and transforming lives. and helping them create businesses they love and support their lifestyle and important priorities.  I package my expertise and gifts into workshops, retreats, teleclasses and products - I love the creativity!

    Biz Goddess Experience
  • All while having time to be with my busy sports-crazed sons, travel with my hubby and have time to nurture me (which becomes increasingly important the further from 40 I get)!

    Laura West

And for each of the programs I offer, I create sales pages - with ease, creativity and intention.

(A glance behind the scenes: my intention is that my online page will feel like an intimate conversation since I’m not able to be talking to you one-on-one and that you are engaged, you feel seen and heard in your business and feel as if I know what you are going through and that I can truly help you.)

What I have created is a new product that will help you do the same: embrace a simple system to create powerful sales pages with authenticity, heart and, yes, more success!


Business Goddess' Guide to Creating Powerful Sales Pages with Ease, Authenticity, and HeartIntroducing

Business Goddess's Guide To Creating Powerful Sales Pages with Ease, Authenticity, and Heart

OK – I’ve read enough - I’m ready!
Women – Sales Pages – Heart – Ease
That’s all I need to read!
Take me to the “Order” button!

Yes, I'm Ready


For those of you who would like more information keep reading…

You may be asking yourself, “Do I really even need a sales page?” Let me share with you why a heart-centered, conscious business owner like you would want a sales page...

Does this sound like you?

You feel that sales pages are too masculine, too sales-y, and not heart-centered at all?

You feel like all the heart and passion and the reason you got into business in the first place has been sucked out because now you need to try to sell something?

So much so that you don’t even create a sales page?

You’d rather just put some information about your product or service up on your website and hope people are compelled to buy it? (I’ve tried this – it doesn’t work! This works fine for catalogs where you are buying "stuff," and you are holding a tangible catalog, but for the online virtual world it doesn’t work well at all –especially for transformational products and services.)

A sales page is a conversation

It’s a conversation you have with a potential client online instead of over the phone or face to face. Imagine a phone conversation with a potential client who is interested in a workshop you are offering... wouldn't she have questions - a lot of questions? She would want answers before she invests with you and takes time away from her business and family and makes travel plans.

This conversation is what is on a sales page. You are answering your potential client’s questions so they feel compelled AND comfortable buying from you.

And yet some heart-centered, passion-based entrepreneurs shy away from sales pages.

There is a whole new way to look at marketing online, and it starts with a sales page as the foundation.


Nancy MarmolejoThank you, Laura, for shedding the light on how to blend practical business strategies with feminine power! Your simple effective tips are showing women entrepreneurs that we can be successful without having to strap on army boots and "annihilate" our competition. Your Business Goddess’s Guide to Creating Powerful Sales Pages with Ease, Authenticity and Heart fills a void that heart based businesses have struggled with. This is a must have for all Business Goddesses and Business Goddesses in the making!

Nancy Marmolejo
Online Visibility Strategist and creator of "Discover Your Profitable Essence"


Kim DeYoungLaura, I love how you have taken some of the fear (and dread) out of writing sales pages. I am particularly appreciative of your simple and effective checklists that take the guesswork out of the details so I can really focus on the big picture of the message that I want to communicate. I now feel energized in tackling my next sales page.

Kim DeYoung


You are in business because you want to make a difference. You want to work with people and help them.  To help them online, have a conversation with them, and that conversation is a sales page.

Think of all the ways you can use powerful and compelling sales pages:

  • Reach potential clients and customers beyond your local market with online marketing
  • Package your expertise and wisdom into an information product
  • Host a one-time teleclass, teleclass series, or a virtual event like a telesummit, and engage lots of people in your message
  • Shift from hourly services to creating packages and educate your ideal clients on what is possible when they work with you over time
  • Leverage your time and expertise by leading a group coaching program or a group teleseminar program and want to enroll participants from around the world who want to work with you affordably
  • Create a premium experience or program for individual clients (like a VIP day, Strategy Day, Platinum Program) enroll clients to work with you at this upper level of transformation
  • Offer one-time Strategy Consultations, and communicate how powerful and transformative working with you will be for them
  • Lead a retreat experience or a workshop where people are traveling across the country to work with you and spending money on travel, hotel, food and time away from their office and families.

Wouldn’t you like to offer these types of programs or products to reach more people and make more money?

If you don't create a sales page to highlight and explain your offer then how will you get to have that conversation with potential clients?

You won’t.

And you’ve missed out on changing their lives or businesses and making more money.

The truth is that you need a sales page for each and every service and product you sell. This is smart marketing - combined with the spiritual side of business of connecting and embracing your own brilliance confidently so you can help others.

That’s where the Business Goddess’s Guide to Creating Powerful Sales Pages with Ease, Authenticity and Heart helps you out with an easy step-by-step system that gives you full permission – even encourages- you to be your full, big, wonderful feminine self! In fact, that is what will make your sales page so engaging and successful!


Shawn DriscollWriting a sales page that connects with your audience and get’s them to invest with you is critical to online success. And yet, it’s often a source of struggle, overwhelm and frustration for talented, service oriented business owners who want to get it ‘right’ without the yuck factor that seems to accompany many online sales tactics. That’s why The Business Goddess’s Guide to Creating Powerful Sales Pages is so valuable! You’ve taken the ‘yuck factor’ out of writing to sell and given us a powerful, practical resource for creating sales pages that sell—without feeling like we’ve sold out.

Shawn Driscoll


Lisa Manyon“It’s important to know the basic formula for writing sales letters, especially if you plan to write them yourself (and even if you don’t so you can make sure your copywriter is delivering what you need). The checklists that Laura has put together to guide you through the process are a MUST-HAVE to ensure your sales letter is a success. I’m especially impressed with the Business Systems for Sales Page Success Checklist because once you have your sales letter written, you must have the right business systems in place to ensure it succeeds. Laura’s system simplifies a process that could be quite overwhelming without this guidance.”

Lisa Manyon


When you order the Business Goddess' Guide To Creating Powerful Sales Pages with Ease, Authenticity, and Heart – here's an overview of everything you’ll get:

  • Business Goddesses Guide to Creating Powerful Sales Pages Handbook
    Over 100 plus page system detailing each part of a sales page with examples so it’s easy, authentic and you can draw on “your own style” to customize your pages for you and your client.
  • Creating Sales Page Success Checklist
    This is invaluable! You'll save time and frustration.  You’ll use this over and over each time and feel confident you’ve got a system so you know what you’re doing. And your team will love you for this!
  • Checklist for Business Systems for Sales Page Success
    These are the top systems you need to offer your programs, take payments, communicate with your clients. No need to reinvent!  I'll tell you exactly what you need to make your sales page work effortlessly.
  • Sales Page Incubator
    I took my valuable Sales Page Success Checklist and turned it into an Incubator so you can make notes as you go along for creating your sales page right then and there. This makes it super easy for you and your team to write powerful sales pages!
  • Sales Page Reference Guide
    Over 200 pages of examples and ideas for you to model (*not copy*) your own sales pages.
  • Laura’s Joyful Business Resource Rolodex
    This is a list of my favorite colleagues and experts who can make marketing online easy for you. You’ll save time, effort and money with this invaluable list!
  • Bonus #1: Guided Visualization “Align Your Energy and Create From Your Graceful Center of Power” with Laura West
  • Bonus #2: Interviews with 3 of my Favorite Online Marketing Experts to help YOU increase your Sales Page Success: Isabel Parlett, Lisa Manyon and Michele PW.
  • Bonus #3: Immediate Access to a Special Client Download Page
    You’ll can immediately use this system with the checklists, bonus interviews and my Guided Visualization.


Yes, I'm Ready

Only $297

Yes, I'm Ready

2 Payments $160 each

What can you expect with
The Business Goddess’s Guide to Sales Pages system?

With this simple system you’ll finally be able to:

  • “Get over” any unease you feel about creating sales pages that are sleazy, too sales-y or feel manipulative. You’ll breathe a fresh sigh of relief that you have a better way that honors who you are as a woman running a business.
  • Have a smart marketing system that will help you market better while acknowledging that it isn’t only about making more money – it’s about building relationships and changing people’s lives, AND it’s also about making more money to reinvest in your business and enjoy your life!
  • Create a sales page with ease. Let go of the struggle and the wondering of what to write, and not feeling sure about what to put into your pages. Now you’ll save time, effort and lots of frustration!
  • Feel way more confident that you understand the components of a sales page and how to create a sales page that is BOTH *Successful and *Feels in Integrity* with your heart-centered business
  • A system you can give to your team so that they know how to support your success. It’ll make the “Now we need to create a sales page” process quicker, and easier. You won’t keep missing pieces and driving them crazy with “just one more thought”! You’ll feel more like a Business Goddess because you’ll feel more in control and organized – you’ll stop being the bottleneck! (Hear the cheers from your team now!)

Note to Virtual Assistants and Business Managers – this is a perfect product to show your clients so they can add a sales page system to their business – you’ll both be happier!)  Fill your programs, workshops and sell more products and make more money!

I am really excited about this new product! My clients have been quite literally begging me to create a sales page checklist, give them feedback, tell them how to create sales pages the “feminine way – with integrity and connection,” so they can feel good about sharing their brilliant gifts with the world.


Stephanie McWilliams"Wow Laura, I've been waiting for these sales page checklists for my entire career - they're incredible! You've definitely discovered the missing link I'll NEVER write another sales page without these tools again!!!"


Stephanie McWilliams
Host of HGTV's "Fun Shui"


Therese SkellyHow did you know I have been searching for wisdom around this topic? I often wondered…Was there an important memo passed around that set forth how to do this that I somehow missed??? Whenever I did find some clue, it was in a completely non-resonate foreign language. Thank you, Laura, for generously translating the cryptic clues and once again blazing a resonate path to flourishing…with JOY!

Jeaneen R. Schmidt


Here are ALL the JUICY Details for what you’ll recieve:

Business Goddess' Guide to Creating Powerful Sales Pages with Ease, Authenticity, and Heart

Business Goddesses Guide to Creating Powerful Sales Pages Handbook

Over 100-plus-page system detailing each part of a sales page. You’ll get examples for each component of a sales page and creative ideas for making it authentic and “your own style”. You'll combine smart marketing practices and a heart-centered woman's perspective! This handbook will be send right to your door so you can put it on your success shelf in your business library and you can reference it again and again!


  • Why your current sales pages might not be working
  • Shifting your perspective to a new way of embracing sales pages
  • Guidelines and strategies for the sales page creation process
  • Tips from other spiritual entrepreneurs about how they use these same techniques and rituals to get their energy in alignment with creation, their clients and creating a connection!Creating Sales Page Success Checklist


Creating Sales Page Success Checklist

This alone is what my private clients begged me to create! You’ll be able to instantly download my 45-point Sales Page Checklist for easily creating a sales page. You don’t have to include all 45 points – but if you want to – it’s all here for you! Plus, you can use this checklist to review your current pages and see where you want to edit or tighten up for clearer communication, greater connection and better results.

You’ll never have to start from scratch again!

NOTE: Virtual Assistants have sent me notes about how grateful they are to have this for their clients!


Checklist for Business Systems for Sales Page SuccessBusiness Systems for Sales Page Success Checklist

You get my list for the top systems you need for your business to market your programs and products easily and successfully online. How easy and convenient is that?


Sales Page Incubator

I took my valuable Sales Page Success Checklist and went a step further. I made it into a Sales Page Incubator so as you go through the handbook you can make notes for your sales page right on the Incubator: capture your ideas, thoughts, key phrases, ideas for photos, notes to your team, start writing copy, etc. Then when you go to actually create your sales page, it will be easy! You’ll have all the pieces right there!

EXTRA FEATURE: You can print this and handwrite your comments (for those of us who think better with the pen flowing) or just fill it in online and send it right over to your team to create for you!


Sales Page Reference Guide

You’ll get loads of real life examples of sales pages to model (not copy word for word ?). These are samples from my business that helped me create a multi-six figure business.  I also include examples from trusted colleagues and other experts. I’ve included different types of industries, programs and products, so you can get ideas and see them in action for your own pages. I’ve made it easy for you! (200+ pages of ideas and examples)


Laura’s Joyful Business Resource Rolodex

RolodexTo help save you time, effort and money – you can go to my list of favorite colleagues and experts who can help you with the different marketing tools and strategies.  My clients are always asking for recommendations because they don't want to waste time reinventing the wheel!


PLUS I included these Special Bonuses to make it even easier to tap into your creativity and align your energy and your message so you’ll be successful in heart, mind & body:

Bonus #1: Guided Visualization “Align Your Energy and Create From Your Graceful Center of Power” with Laura West

I created this visualization specifically to help you to get you into the mindset to create your sales page to really connect with your audience and give them experience of connection, clarity and engagement.

Bonus #2: Interviews with 3 of my Favorite Online Marketing Experts to help YOU increase your Sales Page Success:

Interview #1: Sales Page CPR: Bringing the Heart of your Message to Life in your Copy interview with Soundbite Shaman, Isabel Parlett.

Isabel is a master at helping those of us who provide transformational work that is hard to describe to describe it. Learn how to connect to your heartfelt message and bridge to your client so they understand the value of what you have to offer on your sales pages.

Interview #2: 5 Juicy Strategies for Sales Pages without Selling Your Soul interview with expert copywriter Michele PW.

Michele PW is considered one of the hottest direct response copywriters and marketing consultants in the industry today. In our interview, learn more about the basics of compelling and authentic marketing online and some advanced strategies for how to get a greater response from your sales pages.

Interview #3: Why Now is the Perfect Time for Women to Market Online with Sales Pages - Interview with Lisa Manyon, copywriter and marketing strategist and owner of Write On Creative.

Lisa and I talk about how, with the changes in the world, women entrepreneurs are flourishing on the Internet. It's the perfect marketing environment for creating connections and relationships. She’ll also share tips on when you need to hire a copywriter and what to look for in a successful partnership.

Bonus #3: Immediate Access to a Special Client Download Page

You can start right away – as soon as you purchase your system, you’ll receive your password to enter the Special Client Page where you can immediately download the Sales Page Success Checklist and the Business Systems for Sales Page Success Checklist, and you can listen to or download to your mp3 Laura’s Visualization and all of the bonus interviews with online marketing experts.

Yes, I'm Ready

Only $297

Yes, I'm Ready

2 Payments $160 each

Remember: This is a special launch price only available through May 31st! This product will ship by May 28, but you’ll get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the Client Download for your valuable Checklists, Aligning Your Energy Visualization, and the Bonus Interviews.

Laurie MandatoLaura, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! The checklists alone are worth the price of the product! You have taken all the guesswork out of putting together the sales pages that we all struggle with! Next time I'll be able to get it done with ease and grace because I know exactly what I need to do. You've put together a system that makes it so simple, so I never need to worry!

Laurie A. Mandato, AICI FLC


Therese SkellyLaura, your Checklist for Creating Sales Pages is the most complete thing I have seen around and will be a god-send to the entrepreneur who wants to represent herself in the world in an authentic way, and use powerful sales and marketing tactics to do that. With your comprehensive check list, a busy entrepreneur can just ‘plug and play’ to get the perfect flow and format down so they can get the sales in the door.

I can’t wait to recommend this product to my clients!

Therese Skelly


Therese SkellyWhen Laura told me she was creating a product to help heart-based women with the “Dreaded Sales Letter” (cue scary music)- I said “Gee, I wish I’d thought of that!” Then when I saw what she’d put together, I was literally blown away. Laura has designed an absolutely terrific, and comprehensive, set of resources that will truly make it a breeze to create powerful, client-capturing sales letters with ease and authenticity (just like she says in the title!).

Often criticized and misunderstood, sales letters are actually an important part of any online promotional campaign (well, at least if you plan to make sales). If you’ve been avoiding them (or doing them without good results), THIS is the tool you’ve been waiting for. Laura takes all the guesswork out of the subject and shows you how to craft a heartfelt message so your audience is eager to buy. Kudos, Laura!

Helen Graves


Therese SkellyLaura – I love the Creating Your Sales Page Success Checklist. It has been what I have been looking for to help me create a sales page that really sells but doesn’t overwhelm me. I love that it is easy-to-use. This format will keep me focused when I am designing the content and break a large task into small sound bites. This is a wonderful system and one that I can’t wait to use to drive my traffic to my book, teleseminars and products. This is a must-have resource tool for every female entrepreneur goddess who wants to share her expertise with the world!

Sarah Hathorn


Stacey MayoLaura's checklist is the most comprehensive I've ever seen. Just glancing at it reminded me of something I had left off my campaign. Adding it in made all the difference between a successful promotion and one that looked like it was going to bomb. Thanks, Laura!

Stacey Mayo
The Sentelligent Coach


Therese Skelly Laura, this package is incredible - you are amazing!! Every Virtual Assistant team should have access to such a perfect process for delivering authentic sales pages.  Even if you are a sales page pro, this system will enhance the development and quality of your sales page! Oh and not only is my team excited about implementing with this guide, but my clients are ecstatic knowing we have this system in place! Thank you for sharing, Laura!”

Melinda Janicki


Therese SkellyI am so delighted that you developed The Business Goddess's Guide to Creating Powerful Sales Pages with Ease, Authenticity and Heart!

I especially appreciate the way you are able to distill tons of information into a step-by-step process that now feels easy and manageable. The Creating Sales Page Success Checklist alone will save people hours and hours of time, not to mention lost sales!

Your mastery of marketing, feminine power and spiritually combined with the topic of sales pages make this product totally unique and dare I say.....priceless!

Linda DeCarlo


Can you use this product to change your business and increase your success?

Which one is you?

  • Category 1: You are a joyful business owner who works at your business part time, or it might be more of a hobby. You may be just getting into your business on the side as you work in your current job.
  • You most likely don’t need this product yet. If you aren’t marketing your services, programs and products on the web and you don’t see this as a part of your future, then you can easily pass!
  • IF you are in this situation and in your VISION you are committed to your business growth in the near future, then you know that promoting your services, programs and products online will help you reach more people. This is a great product to educate yourself about how simple this really can be. You will soon be sharing your products and services on the web with ease and integrity.


  • Category 2: You are a full-time, heart-centered business owner who is resisting marketing. Oh, I know... you want to help change the world, but you don’t want to compromise on your integrity, and you don’t want to become a "marketing person."
  • Business Goddess's Guide To Creating Powerful Sales Pages with Ease, Authenticity, and Heart was written for you! If you're resisting creating sales pages because they're too sales-y, too masculine, not heart-centered, not tied into your passion, then you'll find that the this product helps you share your brilliance in integrity while focusing on genuine connection. You won't find this type of "spiritual meets practical" marketing tool anywhere. You can finally sell your programs and products and change the world in a bigger way from a soul-aligned place. THAT'S what this is about.


  • Category 3: You are growing your heart-centered business and are actively learning about marketing strategies and how to use them with authenticity and realness to reach more clients and make more money.
  • Absolute YES! The Business Goddess's Guide To Creating Powerful Sales Pages with Ease, Authenticity, and Heart will leap your learning curve and save creative time by having a repeatable system to create your sales pages. One sale, and you’ve paid for the product AND are on your way to even more sales because you are committed to reaching more people!


  • Category 4: You are a heart-centered business owner with a flourishing and actively growing business. Marketing on the Internet is one of your main strategies for creating relationships, building your list of ideal clients and selling your products, programs and services.
  • You are a busy woman! Buy now! Use the checklist on all your current sales pages to make sure you are maximizing your opportunities. Further, share this checklist with your team so that you can save time in creating your next promotion! You know smart marketing when you see it!

Can you see yourself in one of those categories? I know you have a vision and a dream for your business. I want to help you grow your business faster so you can reach more people with grace and ease. (That’s my purpose showing through!)

Yes, I'm Ready

Only $297

Yes, I'm Ready

2 Payments $160 each


GuaranteeLaura’s Business
Goddess Guarantee

Please feel free to order the Business Goddess’s Guide to Creating Powerful Sales Pages with Ease, Authenticity and Heart with confidence. If you receive your product, put it into action and then decide it’s not right for you, you can return the product for your money back. You have 60 days to change your mind.

I look forward to hearing you on the Bonus Teleclasses – so go ahead and order NOW and step into your business growth with grace and support!



PS: If you have any questions, please feel free to email my team, and someone will get back to you with more information you need to help you make an informed decision: We look forward to hearing from you!

PPS: If you enroll just one more participant in your program or workshop, sell one more product, or attract one more client because you stepped up and created a sales page which gave them the inspiration, information and connection they needed to know you could help them…isn’t that worth this small investment?

Go ahead and buy now and join other heart-focused women on changing the face of business!

Yes, I'm Ready

Only $297

Yes, I'm Ready

2 Payments $160 each


*The Fine Print

Disclaimer: Testimonials provided reflect the unique participation, experience and skills of that person.
Laura West or the Center for Joyful Business does not make any guarantees regarding results
that may be achieved by participating in this program.


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