Planning Inspiration – One Ritual to Do to Wrap Up 2019!

by Laura West

I’m going to be sharing inspiration and ideas for you for your 2020 planning over the next two weeks!

I want to help make your planning easy, inspiring and fun to create… AND something you’ll refer to over and over again all year long!

My 1st recommendation is this… don’t do any planning until you do this end-of-the-year ritual.

Write out all of your celebrations, successes and significant events for the year.

Do not pass go (and start planning) until you do this because… it’s so easy to think about the year and look at a couple of celebrations and then focus on ALL THE THINGS YOU DIDN’T GET DONE. Right?

We tend to focus on all the ideas we didn’t get to. And, you are a creative idea machine… I know you have waaaay more ideas than you can possibly do in one year.

This ritual will help you realize what you DID accomplish over the year. I guarantee you there is so much more than you realize.

You will boost your confidence and sense of being a success when you capture all you have created and been through.

I like to use a mindmap… here is an example from the Joyful Business Plan.

You’ll want to capture your…

  • Successes – big ones and little ones.
  • Places you traveled to.
  • Adventures you took.
  • People in your life that you did things with or had special time together.
  • What you created in your business – products, projects, programs, retreats, workshops.
  • Successful marketing strategies you implemented… or not-so-successful ones that you tried.
  • Significant purchases or system upgrades (this year I bought a mac!! Or maybe you upgraded your iPhone.)
  • Celebrate your Best Clients Ever… write their names down to appreciate them.
  • New opportunities that came your way.
  • Speaking engagements – online and offline.
  • New creative projects – rebranded your website, created a speaker sheet?
  • Fun experiences – concerts, events, & vacations.
  • Business conferences, workshops and programs you attended or participated in.
  • Working with a coach.
  • Helping with family and friends – this year I spend lots of time helping my mom & dad twice when my mom had hip surgeries and also when she was unexpectedly in the hospital.

Whew… that’s a lot that has happened this year! You are A-mazing!

This ritual is SO powerful to account for your time, energy, effort, and money… and where it all went to throughout the year.

I’ve done this ritual for the last 6 years and I always feel more impressed with my joy-filled self when I realized all that went into the year! OMGoddess… so, so powerful!

And if you want the beautiful easy-to-use right now Celebrations mind map you can get it in the new 2020 Joyful Business Plan.

This year I’ve also added several new easy & fun worksheets including: Beautiful Brilliance, Best Clients Ever, Support Plan, and Big YES Projects. They will help you get your ideas, thoughts, and clarity about next year down on paper easily.

You’ll get 30 easy and fun-to-use worksheets along with short videos to give you ideas and get you started!

Click here to start planning a fabulous 2020!

I can’t wait to help you get your ideas out of your head and onto paper so you can focus and prioritize your juicy new year! Cheers to the best year ever!

To Your Big Beautiful Amazing Success,

PS: This year I’m offering something new! You can get your Joyful Business Plan printed and mailed to your door too! Easy peasy! You can upgrade when you get your plan here: Joyful Business Plan.

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