A Ritual for Starting a New Project

I’ve been talking a lot about powerful creative rituals lately. I want to share another one with you that I do whenever I am launching a new program.

There are several parts to what I do to align the energy of a new project and create the container for a new project. What I want to share here is how to call in the right and perfect clients.

This is from my new ebook Daily Flow Rituals, Ideas for how to easily infuse your day with more calm, clarity and courage. (You can get your free copy here.)

Calling in the Clients for a New Program with a Client Heart Map

Whenever I start a new coaching program in my business, I put a big oversize sticky page on the wall. I then think of who would be ideal for this program and write their names on individual heart sticky notes. I am gathering the energy of the program.

I imagine who is ideal for this program. I am calling people to the program. It helps me to get clear who is a potential right client, and it’s also bigger than that. It creates an energetic circle that calls the right people to me. Each day I spend time with my Heart Map and connect to the dreams, concerns and lives of these ideal clients. And I’m always super happy with who joins! Kind of like I had a secret knowing they were coming!

Simple right?

It’s also powerful.

You need a way to get the ideas and energy of a project OUT of your head and make it more real.

This is one easy way to do that.

I always call in the perfect people to my programs. In fact, my clients are always saying… “You attract the best people! I’m here for the community as much as the program!”

There is another way to grow your business. One that is less about starting with formulas and funnels and more about starting with creative flow.

Then you can add the right smart marketing that is authentic and aligned.

Want to get started on working with your Flow energy? Get your free Ritual ebook here.

Inside you’ll find over 90 simple and fun creative rituals from me and some of my amazing clients. You can use these practices to intentionally start your day, infuse your energy, focus on a project and savor the ending of your day.

It will transform your day and your success!

Let me know how you enjoy it and what you are inspired to do in your own business!

To Your Big Beautiful Amazing Success!


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