What’s Yours to Do Right Now?

So glad to be coming into your world right now… there’s lots to process and deal right now, isn’t there?

I’ve been leading the Better Together morning calls every day and I’m noticing a subtle shift. We are moving through the shock of these circumstances of our freedom being curtailed, everything changing, slowing down, being rescheduled and finding our way with it all… to a new place of… acceptance.

Gently touching into acceptance. I don’t think we are accepting the current situation by any means… but accepting that we are in an emotional roller coaster that changes moment by moment and there is a lot of gray unknown.

We know this is not the permanent new normal… it’s a new normal for right now. But the “new” hasn’t emerged yet.

What I know is that we have an opportunity to shape what the “new” is that will emerge as we come out of our cocoons and the frontlines.

It can be hard to be in this place in between. Of not knowing exactly what to do, of not having clear goals and marketing strategies for our business. Most people I talk to don’t have the bandwidth for that anyways.

So, what is yours to do right now?

On yesterday’s Better Together call I laid out 4 practices for determining what is your part to do, right now.

1. Practice Exquisite Self-Care (It’s non-negotiable!)

Your Personal Energy System is the foundation to anything and everything you create. Everything leads back to this all throughout the days and weeks to come.

Taking care of your 5 Personal Energy Systems – physical, environmental, emotional, mental and spiritual needs to be the first and constant item on your daily to-do list. This time of extreme change and challenge takes a toll and it’s imperative to step into your personal leadership to put self-care first. Everything else will be created upon this foundation.

Creating personal rituals, habits and rhythms to check in and monitor your Personal Energy System is important as it changes throughout the day.

I’ve experienced (and heard from many of my clients and colleagues) that being on video calls so much is taking a ton of energy. I know I’m exhausted in a whole new way by the end of the day. I do much better when I can walk, stretch and drink water in between calls… and still it’s taking way more energetic bandwidth.

Keep noticing and make it a priority. It’s hard to create anything sustainable if you don’t.

2. Be curious about the world.

This goes beyond reading the same articles over and over about when are we coming out of this physical distancing quarantine and checking in on the virus numbers.

This is reading (or watching) and learning about what is happening in the world systems. What is broken? What new creative ideas are being born? Noticing the creativity and responsiveness in the bigger world stage.

What trends are you seeing? Did you know that wine sales and condom sales are through the roof? (Just saying…) Did you know that those delicious strawberries and other fruits coming from South America to allow us to eat fruit all year long are at risk? Apparently, they hitch a ride on storage compartments in the bottom of passenger flights. With flights down… shipping options are down.

I didn’t know that it worked that way. Now I can go down the negative spiral to worry about my precious access to fresh strawberries or I can get curious about the bigger message of collaborations.

Where could you “hitch a ride” and collaborate with someone else?

Are you also noticing how creativity is going through the roof? We are thirsting for ways to spend our time not always binge-watching, we want to create something. Just look at all the incredible creative mask making folks!

Creativity is showing up with children’s activities, online games, and all sorts of online teaching opportunities for songwriting, art, painting, and learning classes for adults.

3. Get curious about YOUR world.

Spend time noticing, listening and in conversation with your clients, colleagues and community. What are they doing, saying and feeling? What do they wished they had? What do they need?

I am loving the emails I am getting from my son Sam’s college (GCSU for those who know Georgia College.) They are doing lots of virtual events for the students to keep feeling connected to their friends, clubs and the school.

They also are offering meditation and mindfulness classes to their students… and their parents! Wow! It’s like we jumped ahead 10 spaces on the interest in meditation!

Listen to what your world wants or is wrestling with… my clients are needing to be less stressed; they want to know more about money flow and abundance thinking even/especially in times like this. They want to know how to better use Zoom and how to facilitate groups online.

There’s a treasure trove of information, inspiration and ideas of possibilities for you by getting curious.

Before you get overwhelmed and tell me how tired you are, because I get it… be gentle but committed to the curiosity.

I’m not suggesting to go straight into action. Step 4 is super important first…

4. Creative Contemplation

We have a forced slow down, but you also have an opportunity to be conscious about your slow down. Use this time to connect with your higher self, deep wisdom and intuition.

Pay attention to the whispers and inklings that are trying to tell you that this is the way for you to go.

Just because you think of all these ideas doesn’t mean you have to do them. You can’t possibly do them all anyway!

Listen and ask for a clear direction and guidance on the idea to bring into reality. Ask about the next step. Just the next step.

Be open to creating in a new way. Now is the time for those ideas that has been nudging you to bring them into the light of day and see if it’s their time!

5. Take Aligned Action

This is not a time for massive action or tons of projects. This is a time for aligning your energy (back to exquisite self-care!) and listening for what is next for you to do.

Remember that this time of quarantine is not the end. It’s the interim. It’s a perfect time to daydream, ask for guidance, and take baby steps on projects that matter. Trusting divine timing, not pushing.

I’d love to hear how this lands for you. What is your part to do right now?

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