You’re Behind! Let’s Reframe That! Getting Into the Flow…

by Laura West

“January is halfway over and I’m behind! Where’s my plan? I should be further ahead.”

Or as one client put it…

“It’s January 15th and half the year is gone already!”

We really need to take back January!

It’s time to redefine how January really looks and not buy into some made up story that usually goes something like… it doesn’t matter if you took time off during the holidays and relaxed or if you were super busy during the holidays… once the calendar flips to January you should have a plan and BAM – be ready to go!

That doesn’t even make any sense.

We have to have time to come back into our offices, declutter, get reorganized, reflect, dream, plan, align our energy and then be ready to sprout.

It’s like we get to be in our inner winter season and then we’ll be ready to sprout when spring gets closer.

Now you don’t have to take the entire winter season to hibernate (but you could!)

What if this January you give yourself permission to…

  • Reflect and appreciate.
  • Declutter and reorganize.
  • Dream and imagine.
  • Create “what if” plans and take time to notice where your energy is naturally expanding.
  • Take time to CHOOSE where you want to spend your marketing energy, time and effort.
  • Create fresh rituals and personal habits to align your energy with what you most want your business and life to look like?
  • Acknowledge what support you need to take those INSPIRED actions (not just jump into frenetic action.)

Gosh, I’m breathing easier already. How about you?

I know what you’re thinking… but what about the money? I need to get things going now.

What I know is that when you give yourself permission to use January as a reset month to get clear about your inspired actions, then the rest of the year you’ll be aligned with riding the flow in the Universal Abundance Current (known as UAC to all my clients!) and the clients, money, visibility and opportunities will come your way!

It’s time to stop beating yourself up thinking you should be doing the hard hustle and instead line up your energy, let the right plans reveal themselves to you… and be refreshed and ready to take Inspired Actions.

My heart is doing little pitter, patters for you already!

One of the ways you can realign your energy, tap into the Universal Abundance Current of flow and abundance and listen to those inspired actions is to join me in this cool new virtual workshop called “Abundance and Success Rituals Virtual Creative Workshop.”

It’s going to be a fun and rich experience. It’s next Saturday – we’ll spend 3 hours visualizing, scripting, getting clarity, calling in intentions through our journaling and aligning your energy with the inspired actions that come to you from being in the flow with the Universal Abundance Current!

Go ahead and check it out here and get your spot!

You’ll being feeling so refreshed, clear and inspired… 2020 will start unfolding with amazing opportunities for you!


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