Even Real Estate Agents Love It!

by Laura West

My boss gave me two days off this week, so I’ve been filling up with self-care – yoga, early morning river walk and organizing and prettying up my office -that feels so good and is so needed!

I do have to admit – I’m a piler.

When it comes to my office, I always have piles of papers, notes – with the “best ideas in the world”, receipts, filing, and of course, there’s always a stack of business cards from the amazing people I’ve met on my travels and networking.

Those business cards used to stress me out. I would worry about feeling salsey or wonder if I had waited too long to follow up. And then 2nd guess myself about “how” to follow up

Not anymore. I have a beautiful system I love where I reach out to 3 people a day.

My Daily Success Habit is to reach out to 3 people every single day.

I do it in a way that is fun, creative and no pressure.

It is one of my Sexy Systems that keeps the flow going in my business for new clients, speaking opportunities, interviews and just great people to know!

I’ve even had several real estate agents who have taken my Fun & Fabulous Follow Up Challenge.

Now these women have been through Sales and Follow Up Schools of training!

And, they LOVE the Fun & Fab approach because it is… well, so much FUN!

And authentic and real.

“I absolutely love Laura’s Fun & Fabulous Follow-up program… following up with my real estate clients was so much easier and natural, and much more “ME”. The tools and creative ideas that Laura provides are a perfect match for how I want to connect with people (instead of the usual real estate scripts and one-size-fits-all follow-up systems I’ve tried in the past). Follow-up is now a favorite part of my daily routine. 5 stars out of 5!” –Susie Shina, Intuitive Real Estate Agent, MoveInGeorgia.com



“As a Realtor, I have been a part of some pretty hard-core coaching and accountability programs that were far from fun. The 30-Day Fun & Fabulous, Follow-up Challenge was a breath of fresh air. Instead of feeling like my soul was being sucked out, I felt the joy in connection. Laura made me see everywhere I am in my life connecting with people and how to naturally bring in the conversation of business. In the private Facebook group Laura suggested we get an accountability partner. That too was a new connection and a chance to bounce ideas off a non-Realtor. Laura’s business has the perfect name: The Center for Joyful Business. When you feel good, more good comes your way. I’ll take the Fun way of making money any day! Thanks Laura.” –Michelle Mecham, Intown Area Homes

In the 30-Day Challenge, I teach you how to develop a Daily Success Habit of reaching out to 3 people a day. Every day. How to make it fun, enjoyable and something you look forward to – instead of resisting.

I’m starting the next Fun & Fabulous Follow Up 30 Day Challenge next week – on Tuesday, April 30.

I hope you join us in jumpstarting your flow of new clients, speaking opportunities, referral partners and more!

If this approach speaks to you then come join us in the Fun & Fabulous Follow Up – 30-Day Challenge.

Whether you are a real estate agent or a coach, healer, speaker or other heart-centered business owner – you’ll love what you learn and what you do in the program! It truly will change your business by stirring up opportunities and possibilities!

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