Real Estate Agents Love Fun & Fabulous Follow Up!

by Laura West

I received these kind words from my friend & historic real estate extraordinaire, Michelle Mechem about the Fun & Fabulous Follow Up Challenge:

“As a Realtor, I have been a part of some pretty hard-core coaching and accountability programs that were far from fun. The 30-Day Fun & Fabulous, Follow-up Challenge was a breath of fresh air. Instead of feeling like my soul was being sucked out, I felt the joy in connection. Laura made me see everywhere I am in my life connecting with people and how to naturally bring in the conversation of business. In the private Facebook group Laura suggested we get an accountability partner. That too was a new connection and a chance to bounce ideas off a non-Realtor. Laura’s business has the perfect name: The Center for Joyful Business. When you feel good, more good comes your way. I’ll take the Fun way of making money any day! Thanks Laura.” ~Michelle Mecham, Intown Area Homes

I love making a difference in the lives of businesses owners! Making something like a business basic more fun and do-able is like bringing magic to possibilities of success! Want to join us for this different kind of follow up and reach out program? We start a Fun & Fabulous Follow Up 30-Day Challenge on Monday so check us out today at:

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