More Real Estate Agent Love!

by Laura West

My dear client and a highly successful Intuitive Real Estate Agent, has this to say about making the daily success ritual of follow up…

“I absolutely love Laura’s Fun & Fabulous Follow-up program… following up with my real estate clients was so much easier and natural, and much more “ME”. The tools and creative ideas that Laura provides are a perfect match for how I want to connect with people (instead of the usual real estate scripts and one-size-fits-all follow-up systems I’ve tried in the past). Follow-up is now a favorite part of my daily routine. 5 stars out of 5!” ~Susie Shina, Intuitive Real Estate Agent,

Yes, a business basic like following up can be fun and generative! We have a new Fun & Fabulous Follow Up 30-Day Challenge starting on Monday and you can still join us at: I’ll share lots of ideas for creative and authentic follow up that will have you loving reaching out and connecting!

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