Planning Tip #1: What Do You Do with Your Brilliant Napkin Ideas?


Have you ever had a napkin idea?

You know that brilliant, most amazing-idea-in-the-world idea while you’re out at a café… so you grab a napkin to write it down quickly before it disappears?

Me too! Lots of them.

What do you do with that brilliant napkin idea?

Bring it home and it gets lost, or maybe you decide to put it on your computer somewhere but you realize you don’t really use that app very often and you forgot where it was.

Sound familiar?

That’s why I created this Marketing Idea Map!

It’s one place to capture your brilliant ideas – that creative new marketing idea, a new twist to your website, or a resource.

I recommend to all my clients that they create a Marketing Idea Journal to capture all the wisdom you share with your clients.

It works like this… at the end of each day write down the resources, tips, and strategies you shared with your clients that day. Notice if you keep hearing common questions, dreams or challenges, and write those down too.

Next time you go to write an article, blog post or video, you have a buffet of ideas to pull from! No more guessing and wondering what to write. No more going in circles wasting time wondering what to talk about. You’ve got proven ideas that you know your clients are interested in right here in one place!

You can capture your brilliant napkin ideas (or shower ideas, driving inspiration…) here too.

Your Marketing Idea Journal becomes part of your Creative Business Plan – a system you use ALL year long!

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Cheers to being organized with those brilliant napkin ideas!

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