Planning Tip #2: Create a Plan that Inspires You!


I love that Friday energy… we typically have a more relaxed approach to the day.

I find when I’m in that relaxed mode I always get ideas and inspiration for my life and business.

That approach works so much better towards my productivity than nose to the grindstone and beating myself up with the proverbial whip!


I remember my days in corporate when I was the VP of Marketing for a big shopping center developer. Every year, for each of the 50+ shopping malls we managed, we had to create a business plan and a marketing plan for each center. It was a grueling six week experience with 10-hour days sitting at the computer behind closed doors and endless input, approvals and revisions.

I had to review each one of those… 100 plans over 10 years… that’s over 1000 plans.

That’s a lotta plans.

I wish I had a picture of my bookcase with 100 business and marketing plans each in their white 6-inch binders all lined up.

And you know what… that’s where they sat all year.

Once we used them for the required presentations to owners and investors they went on the shelf. Only to be pulled out at the end of the year for reviews.

That’s truly where my passion for having a creative business plan was birthed.

My tip to you today is to create a plan that inspires you! One where every time you look at it you are reconnected to what is important and the bigger vision of what you are creating with your business.

And, that it becomes a tool you use every day.

Don’t let it be something that sits on a shelf or stays hidden in your computer files.

Create a plan that will allow you to capture your creative ideas all throughout the year and then guide you every day to make decisions, choices and take actions.

Now that’s a purposeful plan!

It’s also what inspired me to create the Creative Business Planning System™! It’s beautiful to look at, fun and easy to use and it’s mighty flexible!

And it’s intentionally created so you can use it throughout the year to guide your actions.

You can check it out here.

And when you get your copy now you can join us for your choice of 3 Virtual Creative Planning Retreats! Dedicated time to get it done and have support while you do it!

Say NO to boring, grueling business plans that sit on a shelf!

Say NO to not having a plan because you think it will be boring and grueling!

Say YES to creating a plan you love, inspires and serves as a daily guide!

With your Creative Business Plan you’ll soon be feeling like it’s Friday energy every day!

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