Planning is a Ritual and a Container

by Laura West

Let’s make it easy and fun to…

Dream. Believe. Create.

…the most amazing, productive, flowing, magical, successful, impactful, enjoyable and profitable year in 2020!

And it all starts with a plan.

To me, planning is a ritual and a container.

It’s a container where I put my dreams, ideas and plans in one place so I feel organized and can focus more easily. One place where I let loose my big crazy vision and dreams!

It is also a ritual. This time of year, I set aside time to reflect, dream, and nurture my precious ideas.

Then the ritual part continues all year long. I revisit my overall plan every 90 days and then use my plan as a guide each day to help me focus on moving beyond just the day to day activities in business.

Do you have a container and rituals for your precious ideas and plans?

I hope you find time in your schedule to block out some reflective time to appreciate 2019 and then go all into what you want to create for 2020.

I created the Joyful Business Plan to make it super easy to get your vision, ideas about your offerings, ideas about marketing – out of your head and onto paper… and most importantly it helps you get into the flow!!

Then you have the brain space and heart power to prioritize what you want to create first!

In fact, with my system of mind maps and easy to get into the flow to capture and prioritize your ideas then you’re more likely to get your plan done!

Here’s a peek of some of the creative worksheets that will help you do that easily!

You get immediate access to all of the easy and fun worksheets to get your creative ideas into the most amazing 2020 plan with the Joyful Business Plan!

Check out all the planning goodness here: Joyful Business Plan.

It’s easy… and dare I say… even fun to plan this way!

This is a plan you’ll use all year long to guide you in focusing, making decisions and keeping track of your cool ideas!

Make sure you get yours by Friday, December 20 and you’ll save $70!! Woohoo!!

Go here to get the details.

I can’t wait to see what you are up for this new launch to a fresh decade!

To Your Big Beautiful Amazing Success,

PS: If you are ready to go then you’ll love how you can instantly download the Joyful Business Plan and get flowing! This year, you also have the option to upgrade to add a mailed-to-your-door hard copy! Most importantly, I want to make it easy and fun for you to get your creative ideas into a plan… because then they are most likely to happen! Check it out here while the price is still at its lowest… Joyful Business Plan.

PPS: Atlanta Area – would you like to join me in planning in person? This is the 3rd year I’ve held an in-person workshop to create your Joyful Business Plan – it’s so much fun, productive and well, just extra special when we are in person! Here’s the details to sign up: Joyful Business Planning Day.

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