Would You Like to Plan In-Person with Me?

by Laura West

I’m having the 3rd annual Joyful Business Planning Day here in Atlanta on Friday, January 17. I’d love for you to join me!

It’s such a powerful and creative opportunity to dive into creating your plan to guide you through the year to even greater focus, flow and success.

This year it is once again sponsored by the Georgia Chapter of ICF (International Coach Federation) – yay! I love working with them to help coaches and other purposeful entrepreneurs be more successful!

We will meet together in a beautiful space with gorgeous windows and light. I’ll provide the markers, sticky notes, guidance and coaching… and of course, you’ll get your very own copy of the Joyful Business Plan!

You know that research shows that those who are the most successful… have a plan… and work the plan.

Now, that doesn’t mean that your plan has to be boring and frustrating to create.

What if you enjoyed creating your plan? What if it was fun and easy to do?

That’s what I’ll help you do so you can get those brilliant ideas of yours out of your head!

If you’re interested, we have a few more spots! Here’s the link to get all the information!

Not only do you get the day long planning in person, but you also get the Joyful Business Plan – online training and all the digital creative worksheets! You’ll use this all year long!

Don’t wait to sign up as there are limited spaces in our beautiful meeting space!

I look forward to meeting (or seeing you again) in person!

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