Today I’m Coworking with My Plan and Affirmations!

by Laura West

Today I’m off working at one of my favorite co-working spots! I’ve got my own Joyful Business Plan and am dedicating time to being with my business ideas, dreams, visions and plans.

I’m starting with my favorite ritual of reflecting and celebrating 2019. (I shared my favorite year end ritual in more detail in yesterday’s post.)

Then I get to dive into reviewing and taking inventory about what is working in my business and not working.

Once I do that then I’ll let all the ideas flow from my brain… and finally get them down onto mindmaps in once place!

It’s so much easier once I see everything on paper to then pick my Big YES Projects!

Before I dive into my plan, I look in the front of my journal at my favorite affirmation:

Today I allow in more love, joy, creativity, abundance and success and inspire others to do the same!

How about you? Do you have a plan in place for 2020 that is inspiring you?

Or is it still in your head?

I have a great recommendation for how to make it easy and creative to get those ideas out of your head and onto paper!

It’s the Joyful Business Plan! You can get instant access and start getting those ideas organized and prioritized right now!

Go here to get the details.

Oh, and make sure you get yours by Friday, December 20 and you’ll save $70!! Woohoo!!

I can’t wait to see what you are up for this new launch to a fresh decade! To Your Big Beautiful Amazing Success,