A Better Way to Plan Your Year…

by Laura West

Are you ready to get those ideas out of your head?

It’s time to create a plan so you can go into 2017 in a powerful way with focus and inspired actions.

The hardest part is getting those ideas out of your head!

This is so important – because all those ideas, thoughts, possibilities take up valuable space and energy. Getting them out of your head and on paper will help you sort through the opportunities and DECIDE what to commit to.

That’s key to your growth and success!

Here’s the thing though… it doesn’t have to be drudgery to create a business plan.

In fact, I’ve created 1000’s of business and marketing plans over my corporate career and as a coach and I can tell – you don’t need a dull, boring, complicated business plan.

You want a business plan that works for your brain, your style, and your business success.

I want to share with you my Creative Business Planning tools and systems that I use myself and I use with my clients to turn ideas and dreams into a creative plan of action – with tools you can use over and over again – throughout the year AND every year.

When you take the time for Creative Business Planning, it will make all the difference in your success!

A plan helps you:

  • STOP wondering what to do each day
  • STOP waiting for something to happen
  • STOP reacting and instead be proactive (such a confidence builder!)
  • WAKE up knowing what to do each day
  • FEEL CLEAR that you know where you are headed
  • BE CONFIDENT of your actions – THAT alone will attract new clients and opportunities!

And this is not just planning, but creative planning. Traditional business planning doesn’t work for me – or most of you – so I’ve created my own way of planning that that works with my creative brain, handling lots of ideas and makes me feel inspired not overwhelmed.

I’ll be sharing…

  • The 10-Step Creative Business Planning Process – you can use it over & over again!
  • The power of a MindMap approach to help you gather ideas and decide on your commitments
  • How to get organized and where to start
  • The #1 most powerful tool you should do BEFORE you start planning (this will increase your confidence 10-fold! My clients swear by this!)
  • My Sticky Note Planning Method – it creates focus and yet gives you flexibility… and it makes this whole planning thing FUN!!
  • Plus you’ll get my Creative Business Planning ebook & worksheets!

This is a ½-day Virtual Retreat experience – you will learn my 10 Step Creative Planning System AND have actual time to work on your own 2017 plan!

Why don’t you carve out some time to focus on your 2017 ideas and growth… and join me and other creative, smart entrepreneurs?

Creative Business Planning Virtual Retreat

Date: Thursday, January 12

Time: 11:00am – 3:30pm Eastern

Location: This is a Virtual Retreat!

We’ll be meeting via webinar for the training and then we’ll have check in calls together on a bridgeline during the retreat time. You’ll get to see my tools in action AND you get to get in action!

I’ll teach you my Creative Business Planning Methods, and then you get time to work on your own 2017 plans!

Find out more and sign up for the Creative Business Planning Virtual Retreat!

I’m so excited for 2017… are you?

PS: When you sign up for the Virtual Retreat you’ll also see an opportunity to add a private coaching call with me! A very affordable way to get some personalized attention after the retreat is over!

Find out more here: Creative Business Planning Virtual Retreat!

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