Pilgrimage Prep, Tendonitis, And Stepping Into Your Big Dreams…

Hi Beautiful YOU!

I hope you are enjoying this lovely weekend. It’s gorgeous here in Virginia Beach – finally a true spring weekend.

Yesterday I took a 4+ mile walk in Northwest River Park with my local chapter of the American Pilgrams on the Camino. I’m planning on walking a 2 week pilgrimage in northern Spain in September to celebrate a big birthday. #JoyFear

It’s a big leap. A big dream.

To walk this pilgrimage of about 130 miles in two weeks doesn’t happen suddenly.

It takes preparation, planning, researching, a step forward and a step back.

As soon as I got my ticket booked in January, I realized I had tendonitis. Getting through the foot pain recovery, building up the ligaments with physical therapy and getting custom orthotics and the right shoes – whew! It has been a journey in itself.

As soon as I committed to my big dream, I also started 2nd guessing this whole trip, wondering…Can I really do it? What if I can’t and I’ll let my sons/walking partner down, what if my feet won’t cooperate, what if I’m just too out of shape, why am I doing this anyway???

Oh, the powerful force of the Doubt Vortex!

It’s as much about managing the energetics as it is the practical.

It’s the same with our big business dreams.

You get clear on your big dream, the next expansion. Your enthusiasm goes up and then bam! You get a pain somewhere in your business, in life or with your mindset – threatening the dream and inviting you to …stay small…it’s so much easier.

Stay small, don’t go past your comfort zone.

But that type of thinking isn’t going to help you create your big dream – whether it’s walking the Camino or creating a new podcast or a new program or attracting more clients.

You’ve got to have your support team and your Doubt Vortex management strategies.

That’s why I want to invite you to a special experience to help you with this.

Dream Weaving™ 4-Day Workshop Series
Mark your calendars for May 14th – 17th for an amazing experience!

📆 4 days

🕧 90 minutes each day

💖 Fresh strategies, creative tools, and deep healing every day…

🔮To help you open up your most powerful, confident and creative self.

AND…the extra great news!

It’s free! 🙌

I am truly excited to share with you the NEW To help you open up your most powerful, confident and creative self.

Grab your complimentary ticket here.

I hope you’ll join us for this extraordinary biz-shifting experience!

And yes, you can join 1 day or all 4 – for free! (I am pretty sure you are going to want to attend all 4 days – they build on each other and we go to new levels of shifting and expansion).

Let me know if you have any questions!

I can’t wait to see you there!Laura

PS: What one of my Dream Weaving clients has to say:

“This work is amazing. It’s so, so powerful. I don’t know any other business coach who is doing this work of blending the deep healing + the creative + the strategic.

It will change your life!”

~Melinda Thomas, Client Attraction Specialist & Keynote Speaker

PPS: I’ve been asked a lot…will there be a recording. YES, there will be recordings for each day that will be available for a limited time to watch. When you sign up you’ll get the replay for each day, so if you can’t be there for a day, you’re covered!

And of course, being there LIVE is the best. It’s powerful transformational stuff we are doing! You don’t want to miss it!

Get your ticket here!

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