Photo feast from the Creative Business Retreat-by-the-Sea – and how you can join us in October!


I’m back from last week’s Creative Business Retreat-by-the-Sea, and the report is…

… It was magical!

The sea, the lovely beach house, the people, the art, the luxury of time… even the dolphins supported our big shifts!

I wanted to share with you a few of the pictures (I have hundreds!) to give you a taste of an experience like this.

And… I know many of you have been asking! I’ve already scheduled the next Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea for October 19-21.

The great news is that you can register now for an early bird discount and a very easy-on-the-pursestrings payment plan. (And you do want to get in on this quickly as participants from last week are already booking their space for the October retreat!)

Environment is crucial to the shift and magic that is waiting to happen. I’ve used this particular beach house in Virginia Beach for two of my three retreats, and I’ve booked it for three more in 2015! The place is THAT special!


Even in January, the weather was mild enough to walk along the beach. Even from the windows in the beach house, the ocean was a powerful, significant force for our work!


I love rituals, and I make them a big part of my retreats. How magical – and synchronous – that I drew this card to launch our retreat time together! (What magic is waiting for YOU to create?)


Sacred space, community, nurture… these women came together and created their own magic – that continued even after they left the retreat.


As you know, much of the work I do involves helping my clients unleash their creativity and bring that into their businesses. So, of course, simple art projects are a fun vehicle for this kind of transformative shift!


What is yearning to be born? Let’s find out!

If you are ready to embrace your creative power at a whole new level and want more information, just email me and we’ll send you over the Information Package for the October retreat. (You’ll be inspired!)

Then, we can set up a time to talk, and I can answer any of your questions. I’d love for you to be a part of this magical life-shifting experience in October. (And again, great discounts and a beautiful extended payment plan is available for signing up early – plus the comfort and excitement of having this be part of your 2015 calendar!)

Creatively Yours,

P.S. This is a very small and intimate experience. There is only room for 7 participants, and at least one spot is spoken for already. So, I know this isn’t until October, but if you are interested, then you want to go ahead and make plans to join us before we fill up. This is the only beach retreat I’ll be leading for the rest of this year (except if you join the year-long Courageous Creativity in Business Mastermind). So email for more information today and know you have this amazing experience on your calendar!

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