Passion Plus #4 Success Habit – Practice

by Laura West

I’m back home in between creative adventures.

Last week my 16 year old son, Sam and I, were in Atlantic Beach, Florida. I am a program coach for another coach and this was where we were holding a 2 day Immersion. I turned it into extra vacation for me and a week long vacation for Sam and his friend.

Next week I’m off to New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Being home in between trips feels both grounding and unsettling at the same time. I like “home” and how it enfolds me – encouraging me to rest and nurture. But I also feel another urge. To be out in the world. Especially in nature.

So several mornings this week before coaching calls and classes I’ve taken myself down to the beautiful Chattahoochee River. Sitting by the river I feel I can breathe fully. I feel expansive. I feel connected to the bigger world. Then as I take a walk in the woods nearby I can feel my body relax into what I most want to create and how I want to BE in the world. I can feel the PUSH feeling ebbing and shifting into a surrendering of what I really want.

As I started creating this post, I wasn’t expecting to write about this.

And yet, this is what is so present for me. Surrendering to life.

Circling back around to our message for today about how it takes more than Passion to create success.

It takes…

Passion PLUS Practice.

For me, it’s a practice to surrender. Being passionate about my work, my message, my business and my life gives me energy but it’s a type of raw energy.

You have to practice your passion to refine the energy.

So I am passionate about expanding my message and reaching more people to help them realize their power and potential.

I am practicing surrendering to what wants to emerge.

Practicing my passion without being attached to what it looks like or “making something” happen takes trust and patience.

It means being quiet down at the river and listening to what wants to emerge.

Like my Virtual Pop Up Success Café. I’ve never created this type of online video experience before. It’s not your typical webinar. It’s creative and out of the box. So I’m practicing my emerging passion.

I have a new body of work emerging called Creative Alchemy. It’s not fully formed. I’m excited about it. My passion is emerging. I’m practicing sharing the message and seeing how it lands. I’m practicing journaling about it and finding my works, my point of view, and why this matters.

Passion PLUS Practice = Success.

I’d love to hear about what passion you are practicing. Share your story if you’d like, I’d love to hear it.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in talking further about growing your business from the inside out with Creative Alchemy™, then let’s talk. You can schedule a Creative Strategy Session with me. Just go to this link and you’ll find my calendar. We’ll talk about what’s wanting to emerge for you and I’ll share some ways I can help support you.

To your creative success!

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