Passion Plus Success Habits #1

by Laura West

I’ve always been a huge believer in “Follow Your Passion and the Money Follows!”

What I also know from years of experience is that there’s more to following your passion than meets the eye.

Simply following your passion… could have you going in circles like my housemate’s little dog – Jack the Pug. He loves to chase his tail. In fact, he is often very, very busy chasing his tail.

Unfortunately he never meets with success! (Poor Jack!)

I hear from many of you how frustrating it can be Following Your Passion and wondering when more success (more money, changing more people’s lives) will come.

It’s because there’s more to it than that.

Passion is necessary. Passion is like fuel. It ignites you. It makes you come alive.

It gets you out of bed.

But its easy to get burned out.

It’s easy to scatter your energy thinking you are busy.

What you really need is Passion Plus!

Passion Plus Success Habits

I just led a teleclass this week to the members of my Creative Business Studio about this very topic.

I shared the 9 Passion Plus Success Habits you need to get your most important Passion Projects out into the world successfully.

Here’s just one of the Passion Plus Success Habits…

Passion + Purpose

Passion as we have discussed is necessary. It gives you internal motivation.

It’s important to cultivate your passion. Know what fires you up and moves you forward. To know what gets you in the flow where you can’t but help share your message – your work.

But there’s a danger lurking.

It’s easy to become so self-centered that everything in your life revolves around you, you, you.

This is needed for a time. So you can align your life with your values, your vision and your desires for the work and life you want to create.

AND, at some point, you need to add PURPOSE.

Purpose is externally driven. Purpose is about putting your passion into the world to be of service.

Passion + Purpose = Success

This is how you create a successful business.

Do you know what your Passion and Purpose are?

Sometimes you might be clear and often times you get a glimpse and it disappears from your grasp.

Oh, and then it evolves as you evolve.

That’s why its so helpful to work with a coach. I know when I’m feeling that something wants to shift and come forward and I can’t quite articulate it on my own… it’s time to work with a coach.

Passion + Purpose

This is part of what we will be working with at the upcoming Creative Business Retreat by-the-Sea. This is a time to slow down and give a space and a voice to what wants to emerge.

To be able to see clearly the Passion & Purpose that wants to emerge for you now.

If this sounds like where you are at in your business and you are curious about the retreat – let’s set up a conversation. No pressure, just an opportunity to see if this is right for you.

You can see some of details here:

And then lets set up a time if you want to talk further about this amazing transformative experience. There’s only a couple of spots left… and the early bird deadline ends Friday, July 14.

Looking forward to our conversation about Passion, Purpose, Success and Retreating by-the-Sea!

To Your Creative Success,

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