Passion –> Purpose –> Profit. Yes – it’s true! Join me to find out how!


What this means is that as you use your passionate energy to

…step into your purposeful work,

…then you’ll feel alive, engaged, excited again!

… you’ll attract the opportunities, clients, joint ventures, projects, referrals, and visibility

that will bring you more profit! I believe this. I’m living proof of this.

And I KNOW you can do this, too.

And here’s the sweet part…

Passion + Purpose + Profit is a Win-Win-Win success model.

When you own your passion and step into your purpose-driven work then

  • Your clients profit: their lives & businesses improve with your support,
  • You profit financially: so you can fund your dreams and keep on doing good work in the world,
  • You profit personally: with the good vibes of doing meaningful & fulfilling work

And the world profits… because you and your clients are creating a ripple of goodness!

That’s pretty darn irresistible, isn’t it?

So, where do you start?

With your Passion Project, of course!

What if you could get started on YOUR Passion Project right now?

You can with my FREE training teleclass, Discover Your Passion Project, on Thursday, August 21, you can!


Here are some examples of easy and creative Passion Projects YOU can launch!


  • Dare to get creative, rebellious or go against the grain on your Free Gift!
  • Create a Video Series finally telling your community the real story behind the scenes in your industry – share your passion, your frustrations and your crazy solutions!
  • And there are so many more possibilities!


What is YOUR Passion Project?

Join me to find out!


Join me and other creative women entrepreneurs and Discover Your Passion Project!


Title: Discover Your Passion Project Training Telecall
Date: Thursday, August 21
Time: 12:00pm eastern | 9:00am pacific | 5:00pm UK
Cost: FREE!


Find out more and register to
Discover Your Passion Project




This one idea – your Passion Project – can totally change your path to success, re-infuse life into your business, and put you in front of your potential clients and customers in a big way.

More to come next week – I hope to see you there!

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