Only a few spots left for the upcoming Creative Business Retreat-by-the-Sea


Source: Maria Teresa Perez

Creative Business Retreat-by-the-Sea


An intimate, creative experience you’ll never forget!!

  • Creative Visioning
  • Thought Leadership Courage
  • JoyArt Projects
  • Creative Marketing Strategies
  • Fun, play & great conversation!
  • Plus good food, beautiful location & amazing women biz owners like YOU!

This is an opportunity like no other where we will gather in an intimate group of creative entrepreneurs who all share a yearning…

…actually it’s louder than a yearning…

…it has become a calling…

…a calling to step into your bigger creative self in your life and your business!

I am a huge believer in the inner approach to creating outward creative projects. There is an inner alignment and owning of your own creative power that ignites the energy and effort to create outwardly.

At the Creative Business Retreat-by-the-Sea you’ll get to experience your creative power, claim your creative dreams and open up the Flowmentum in a powerful way.

If this resonates with you… that it is time… time to answer the call, then I’d love to talk to you about being one of the members of this beautiful circle of women.

Just email me directly and I’ll send you the package of information which has more details and then we can set up a time to talk further and see if this is a good fit for you and where you are in your entrepreneurial journey.

A few details:

  • The retreat is being held in a beautiful oceanfront beach house at Virginia Beach, VA.
  • Dates are from January 19 (starts in the evening) through Thursday, January 22.
  • A special early bird pricing is available when you register by December 31.

If you are ready to nurture your creative spirit and business dreams… this is a powerful start to an amazing 2015…

I hope you’ll join us!

Again, just email me for more details, and we’ll set up a time to talk.

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