{Success Scripting Workshop} Let’s Script Your Juicy Dream!

Some people have a Bucket List. That sounds so foreboding to me.

I have an Ultimate Life List. 100 things I want to do, be, have or experience.

They can be little things like – experience as many beautiful sunrises as my soul can handle.

To bigger adventures like places I want to travel like Bali, Positano, the Northern Lights… well, that part of my list is pretty long.

It also includes business accomplishments like writing my next book before I turn 60.

And throughout all of this on my Ultimate Life List is who I am BEING… loving life and sharing my SoulWork…feeling grounded, self assured, and leading with my Wild Creative Heart.

It takes more than a list to raise my vibration… it takes going all in to the essence of the accomplishments and the adventures.

One of the ways I raise my vibration is through scripting my success. As though it is INEVITABLE.

Letting myself feel the success as the do-be-have’s vibrate throughout my body and into my energy field… sending messages right to the universe!

It’s a direct line to the big U! The most amazing insights and deep desires come forward! 

I want to invite you to join me for a special virtual experience: Script Your Success

We are meeting tomorrow for a juicy and nurturing mini-retreat!

In this hands-on experience – you’ll get plenty of guidance and writing time! PLUS, beautiful journal pages to help guide you.

It’s surprisingly powerful.

I love tools like that. Easy side-doors to help you manifest soul’s success! 

And it’s a process you can use over and over again to keep aligning your energy and imagination with what you are creating!

Bring your favorite pen, journal and an open mind!

Join us in the FREE Success Scripting Workshop: https://joyfulbusiness.com/scriptingworkshop/


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