Notes from a Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Happy Place-in-between-the-old-year-&-the-new-year!

I always find that this is such an interesting week. This week in between Christmas and New Year’s. It’s like a lost land… do I take off, do I get planning done, clean the house and paint the bedroom (yes!), leave the decorations up to enjoy longer, take them down to start the new year organized?

It’s like I want to honor the past year and present moment, and I am oh-so eager to embrace the new energy of a new year.

I have a couple of rituals that help me move through this time. One: I create a Celebration Flower for the past year. Here’s a pix of last year’s as I’m still working on this year’s flower. 🙂

I also select 3 Infusion Words for the new year ahead.

These are words that speak to me. Words (or phrases) that I choose that are what I want more of for the year ahead.

During one of my private client retreats here in Atlanta, we created our Infusion Word art for 2015.

You can see a picture of mine: Prosperous Expansion, Creative Wealth, and Audacious Joy! I get a tingle every time I read them or say them out loud!

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