Notes from a Lifestyle Entrepreneur

I hope those of you who enjoyed some holiday time off over the last few days are coming back feeling filled up with renewed energy. I ended up with two teenage boys who both are down with the flu. It’s been a weekend (and still going) of trying to make them feel better: soup, Gatorade, medicines, vitamin C, blankets, no blankets, movies, etc.).

You can have the best made plans, and then life serves you up something you didn’t expect, right? I thought I would be getting the Christmas decorations out in the yard over the weekend and then have some time to do some planning for 2015. Life had other plans…

Thankfully, I didn’t stress too much because I know I have my upcoming Virtual Creative Business Planning Retreat on Wednesday, December 10. I am going to be teaching my fave creative planning tools (along with plenty of markers and sticky notes) on a webinar, and then we’ll all have time to go work on plans and check back in during the day. Get more details and register here.

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