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Why it’s not enough to be good at what you do…

I’m back in your Monday morning inbox! Did you miss me? Did you miss starting your Monday with a Miracle Marketing Message?

You know, sometimes you just need to let go of things for a while to re-find yourself. As many of you know I went through a divorce, a move (same neighborhood – new home) and many other changes in my life and business over the past 2 years.

I needed a breather. Literally. I needed to refresh my body, mind and spirit.

It was kinda like restarting my GPS. When it gets all tangled up in directions and it can’t figure out the path. You just have to start over and come back to the basics…Where am I? Where do I want to go?

That’s where I’ve been. Resetting my GPS.

I’ve been out of the office a lot. Traveling. Being by the sea. In the woods. Being with people. Talking. Connecting. Reconnecting to myself and the world.

I’m feeling more clearer than ever. More myself. More in my creative power again.

Yes, it feels good.

And, about damn time! (yes, I can be impatient too! Even though I know you can’t rush the grieving process, etc, etc, etc….it feels good coming back to life more consistently!)

I am very much looking forward to the fresh energy of a new year. How about you?

To get you inspired and focused…This week I am leading a Creative Business Planning Virtual Retreat. I believe when you put plans to your dreams and ideas…that’s where success happens! I also believe that planning can be creative and fun!  Check out the details below…I hope you can join us!

Meanwhile, enjoy today’s Miracle Marketing Message! 

Embracing my inner Creative Renegade!


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