Notes from a Lifestyle Entrepreneur


I took a brief sabbatical from publishing my newsletter this summer. Did you miss me?

I thought I was through with big shifts in my life but it turns out that spirit wasn’t done with me yet. :) Seriously, once I surrendered (right around my last newsletter as a matter of fact) things started moving and flowing.

My life looks very different than a few short months ago. A new house and living arrangement, my oldest son is away at college, my youngest is spending more time with his Dad and my health and energy is better than ever.

Oh, and I am changing up my team too. I’d like to wish my long time assistant, Dawn Goldberg Shuler, a heartfelt goodbye. We have been working together off and on for over 13 (of my almost 15) years in business. It’s time for her to fly the nest and sail off into her own horizons. I wish her all the best in this new leg of her journey!

I’d also like to welcome Phillis Benson as my right hand gal! I’m excited about her excitement, fresh energy and expertise she brings to the Center for Joyful Business and to me…and to all of you.

You’ll see some changes coming as a result of all this fresh new energy!

In case you haven’t noticed – I am passionate about living a courageous life. It isn’t always easy but you’ll certainly have a smile on your face in the end instead of a bucket list of regrets!

Talking about courage…this week’s article is all about courage and stepping into what you believe. It requires you to step up and be bold…and vulnerable. You can do it.

And it will make all the difference in your life and your business.

Cheers to more smiles!


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