Notes from a Lifestyle Entrepreneur


Visions became clearer. Determination sharpened. Empowering beliefs deepened. Collaborations blossomed. Lifelong friendships were made.

Very, very powerful. 

It’s not your run-of-the-mill workshop. It’s business-shifting and life-altering.

I am excited to share with you some big news! I have been designing retreats and co-leading retreats with Ellen Britt and the Pink Coattails group for a number of years now. Ellen and I have been colleagues and friends for even longer. 

We are now creatively collaborating as co-leaders of the Pink Coattails Mastermind and Retreat. We announced it at the retreat and the women in the community are thrilled at the news. We are all especially excited about the growth and expansion that will happen as a result of us combining our expertise, passion and creativity – for us and the women in the mastermind! 

We are creating a powerful network and sacred community of women entrepreneurs who are growing their businesses successfully with heart, creativity and smart business!


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