Notes from a Lifestyle Entrepreneur


Last week’s message about being the artist of your business really struck a chord! Thank you for all your responses and thoughts. I am excited about creating communities for creative, intuitive, and sensitive business artists to gather, share, and grow together.

Speaking of which… I am doubly excited about opening up the Courageous Creativity in Business Mastermind for 2015. This is a special group of women I will work with throughout the year to step into their courage and creativity in a whole new way in their businesses. The program includes two Creative Business Retreats By-the-Sea gatherings where you will shift, grow, and nurture your creative soul! Plus you get private coaching with me, group masterminding, and more. If you want more details, just go to and read over the information. Then let’s set up a call to talk!

If you know you don’t want a mastermind or are already in one, then you can still join us over at the brand new Creative Business Studio! This is a special place for creativity + smart business. Where other communities and academies bore you with adrenaline-fused marketing strategies, this community will soothe your soul and give you permission to grow your business with intuition, creative expression, and marketing strategies that work for sensitive souls. You can find more details here.

And just a note… both programs have special early sign-up bonuses, so make sure you make your decision by Friday, March 6. And, as always if you have questions – just email me!

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