Notes from a Lifestyle Entrepreneur


I just want to share that it’s been a crazy week at the Studio HQ here. (I like thinking of it as a Studio HQ of the Center for Joyful Business – and it’s located in the room over the garage… just making it real!)

My team and I have been gearing up for a very big launch to share with you. You’ve probably seen the emails about the “What Got You Here – Won’t Get You There!” teleclass series. Not only is it a lot of moving parts practically speaking, but it’s also been emotional for me as I gather my wisdom and learnings from the last couple of years.

Many of you have commented over the last couple of years how much has shifted for me: my creativity is flourishing in a way I never even could have imagined, my business is growing in new ways, and I too am blossoming in a whole deeper and clearer way.

Last week I wrote an email to you that said much of this evolution is because of love. Self love. Acceptance.

And it’s about courage. Courage to say, “YES, I matter. My dreams matter. My voice matters.”

And following that up with action to support your commitment.

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