Notes from a Lifestyle Entrepreneur


Thank you all for your kind messages last week when I shared a bit more about my BIG 5-0 wakeup call last year and how it has changed everything for me.

It’s amazing how we can be like the proverbial frog in a boiling pot who doesn’t realize it’s being cooked! That poor frog just thinks, “Wow, it’s really uncomfortable in here.” And somehow he stays with being uncomfortable until it’s too late.

It’s too much – it feels too big to take the effort, risk, vulnerability… and the courage it takes to jump out of the pot….

Well, I jumped out of the pot that wasn’t really nurturing my life and my business dreams and have slowly yet consistently made shifts.

And as uncomfortable as it might sometimes be, it’s way easier than being boiled by a slow death!

Gosh, that sounds so dramatic, doesn’t’ t it?

But this really is what happens when we keep tolerating things, people, situations, circumstances that don’t honor our deepest heart’s desires, our dreams, our values.

Add to it, all the changes and shifts in the world, in your industry, and with technology… it’s easy to suddenly wake up and realize that your business isn’t where you want it to be. You love it, but it’s not really fulfilling your desire to be more of a creative thought leader, provide consistent income, or you aren’t truly doing the work you want to be doing.

It’s sneaky how it happens!

That’s why I have pulled all this learning, observations, and some powerful strategies and tools into a brand-new teleclass series called “What Got You Here – Won’t Get You There!”

I’m looking forward to sharing more about this powerful wake-up call and how I started – being, doing, thinking differently – and how you can too!

Read more about the teleclass series and signup here!

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